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Who is Fall Protection Distributors, LLC?

Fall Protection Distributors, LLC, is the master distributor for the Standing Seam Roof Anchor line of products as well as a provider of premium fall protection gear! We promote safe and efficient workplaces that comply with all OSHA safety regulations. Welcome to our online store, our team strives to provide you with the best possible online shopping experience. Fall Protection Distributors provides a full line of fall protection equipment, from harnesses to horizontal lifelines, to retractors! Our goal is to provide the best equipment at the best possible price to keep you and your crew safe, profitable, and compliant.

The Standing Seam Roof Anchor Breakthrough

The engineering team that developed the Standing Seam Roof Anchor was also the first company to use non-penetrating roof clamps to attach snow retention systems to standing seam panels over 20 years ago. Years of lab and field testing have proven that our cup-tip set screw attachment is the most effective method of attaching clamping mechanisms to standing seam metal roofing.

Testing the Standing Seam Roof Anchor

The Standing Seam Roof Anchor has been thoroughly tested by an independent 3rd party ISO 17025 testing facility. The product satisfies the 5,000-pound ANSI testing requirements with 2 different types of set screws, and pull loads in all directions. The anchor is far stronger than any standing seam roof system in the world. The Standing Seam Roof Anchor was designed as the lightest and most universal fit anchor point in the world. It is also the only component system that allows for single worker attachment, walkboard attachment, horizontal lifeline attachment, and self retracting lifeline attachment all using the same anchor point.

Standing Seam Roof Achor

Please contact us by phone at 863-703-4522 or email at [email protected] with any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you again for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you in the future.