Anchor Testing

The defining capability of the Standing Seam Roof Anchor is its ability to be used to attach various components to standing seam panels. The standard d-ring is easily removed and any number of fall protection devices can be attached. It is the only ANSI/OSHA 5,000lbs certified product that can be used as a stand alone fall protection anchor or by various manufacturers to attach any number of components to the standing seam roof systems. Some products on the market today are not testing to the 5,000lbs level that the Standing Seam Roof Anchor was tested. Many anchors are only tested to 1,800lbs or 3,600lbs. Our anchor was subjected to a 3,600lbs pull without permanent deformation and a 5,000lbs pull without breakage. The maximum impact the human body should withstand during a fall is 900lbs with the use of shock absorbers and proper safety planning. Many anchors are only tested to hold at twice this limit at 1800lbs.



Gravitec Test Report 22 Gauge

ASTM B-117 Salt Spray Testing

Intertek Test Report 24 Gauge