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Apr 22nd 2021

The Basics of Standing Seam Safety Anchor

When it comes to protecting yourself and your employees from slips and falls and other accidents on the job, there are plenty of things to beware of. Not only do you have to make sure that you are hiring only those who are qualified, capable, and pas…

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Apr 9th 2021

This Standing Seam Roof Anchor Is ANSI-Certified

Did you know that anyone who works on a roof requires fall protection by law? Now there's a versatile solution!Fall Protection Distributors, a specialist supplier of fall protection devices, has launched the world’s lightest certified standing seam r…

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Mar 23rd 2021

Requirements for Using Horizontal Lifeline Tools

A horizontal lifeline can help your workers move safely on scaffolds and bridges during maintenance, inspection, and construction by preventing falls. However, one must undergo extensive preparation before using horizontal lifeline tools.Importance o…

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