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Nov 2nd 2020

How to Install a Permanent Roof Anchor

A permanent roof anchor is a must-have for people in charge of projects or contracts on roof or building such as rooftop construction, maintenance, and repair. Anchors are perfect fall protection solutions, and to ensure that your equipment is workin…

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Oct 26th 2020

What is a Horizontal Lifeline?

A horizontal lifeline system is made of a cable track, permanently fixed to a structure utilizing several individual anchor points. A user must hook up to the system by wearing a full-body harness, and employing a lanyard and runner. Workers then do…

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Oct 19th 2020

Pros and Cons of Using Standing Seam Roof

A standing seam roof (metal) takes a unique installation approach than the standard metal roofing method. Contractors mount traditional metal roofing by massive ridges. They lock the seams of every roofing panel ridge in place with nails. To supp…

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