Safety Tech Innovation

Safety Tech Innovation

Posted by Howie Scarboro - CEO Fall Protection Distributors, LLC on Dec 4th 2023

In the changing world of construction safety the incorporation of innovations has brought about a significant transformation especially when it comes to fall protection. From gadgets to immersive training experiences these advancements are not redefining our approach to safety but also making remarkable progress in reducing falls within the construction industry. This article explores the trends in technology that are driving this revolution in fall protection.

Sensor Systems; Enhancing the Assessment of Fall Risks

Sensor systems have emerged as a powerful tool for evaluating the likelihood of falls and detecting them in real time. By utilizing technologies based on motion detection and foot measurements these systems allow for data collection while users go about their daily activities. Picture a construction worker equipped with a device that not monitors their movements but also provides proactive assessments of potential fall risks. Truly transforming how we prioritize safety on the job.

Roofers wearing fall protection equipment on a metal roof.

Fall Detection Devices; A Safety Backup on Your Wrist

In this era of wearables devices like necklaces, watches wristbands and clip on medical alerts have taken fall protection to new heights. These gadgets act as a layer of security, by being worn or carried around.

These devices, which come with accelerometers can detect movements that indicate a fall. Some even have buttons so that immediate assistance can be requested. Now construction workers have a safety measure, on their wrists that gives them peace of mind and quick help in case of an emergency[2].

Apps and Games for Fall Safety Training; Where Reality Meets the Digital World

Embracing the era fall safety training has moved beyond methods. Apps, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) now play a role in training experiences. For example there is the Harness Hero app and the Fall Safety Pro App which use technologies to simulate falling scenarios and provide training for construction workers. These tools not enhance knowledge about safety. Also contribute to a more engaged and proactive workforce[3].

Digital Tools Based on Maps; Navigating Fall Hazards Digitally

Managing a fall protection program, across construction sites can present challenges. That's where digital map based tools come in by offering organizations a way to identify and control fall hazards. These tools empower safety professionals to maintain an enterprise fall protection program effectively by utilizing mapping to enhance hazard identification and control measures[4].

Two workers doing safety training.

Automatic Detection of Falls

Automatic fall detection has become an life saving feature, in the world of medical alert systems. By utilizing sensors like accelerometers, gyroscopes and barometric pressure sensors these systems can identify falls. Automatically request assistance. This technology is particularly valuable for construction workers as it provides a layer of security in the event of an incident.

To summarize the construction industry is experiencing a transformation with the emergence of fall protection technologies. Wearable sensor systems devices, for detecting falls, training applications, digital tools and automatic fall detection are not just terms; they are components that contribute to a safer and more secure construction environment. By embracing these advancements, contractors and safety professionals can stay ahead of the curve by redefining fall protection standards and ensuring the well being of those worki ng at heights.

Howie Scarboro, C.E.O. and co-founder of Fall Protection Distributors, L.L.C., recognized the need for continued improvements in roofing safety during the 2010 MetalCon show in Las Vegas. He joined forces with SnoBlox-Snojax, a leader in snow retention and seam clamping technology for metal roofs, to create the SSRA1 prototype. Tested by Gravitec for OSHA/ANSI certifications, the SSRA1 proved to be the industry's lightest, most robust, and most universal-fit anchor point for standing seam roofs. Fall Protection Distributors, L.L.C. was born in 2015, shaping the future of fall protection and instilling confidence in the industry.