RidgePro Peak Anchor "Hook & Rope Bundle" w/ 50' Lifeline and Shock Absorbing Lanyard Ridge Pro

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RP3Q14-R w/ C7050
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This bundle includes the RidgePro Hook and the Malta Dynamics C7050 Vertical Lifeline with shock absorbing lanyard and robe grab.

Leverage the capabilities of your roofing endeavors with Ridge Pro, an inventive and economical roof anchoring system. The extension pole can be purchased locally at Home Depot in the paint department for approximately $40, we advise against ordering the poles online as they often get damaged during shipment.  You are looking for the Wooster Sherlock R057 8'-16' extension pole.  After obtaining the pole, simply drill the holes through the threaded tip to a 1/4-inch depth after removing the two screws that secure it in place.   The clevis fastener included with the Ridge Pro can be utilized to secure the post as it slides inside the pole.   View the brief video that follows.


Why Opt for Ridge Pro?

RidgePro is the "first man up" roof anchoring system of choice for a variety of professionals, including DIY homeowners, contractors, solar installers, chimney sweeps, telecommunications installers, and gutter installers. It is specifically designed for roof pitches ranging from 6/12 to 12/12. RidgePro provides expedited, secure, and adaptable rooftop access in contrast to conventional chicken ladders, owing to the implementation of vertical lifeline security.


The Ridge Pro facilitates secure temporary securing between the ladder and the roof's peak. As one is fastened to a vertical lifeline, this apparatus enables horizontal mobility and is more efficient than conventional chicken ladders. The padded base protects the roof and is OSHA-compliant as an anchoring device by accepting four 5/16" lag bolts. With a stainless rope shackle and a body constructed of lightweight, long-lasting aluminum, this object is both mobile and incredibly sturdy! By adopting RidgePros, contractors are able to reduce expenditures associated with walkboards and scaffolding.


This is the most recent version of the RIDGEPRO™, which satisfies OSHA standard 1926 Subpart M for a single user when anchored. It can withstand static strength forces in excess of 5,000 pounds. OSHA does not regulate "non-anchors" when they are not anchored; therefore, you would be utilizing The RIDGE PRO™ as an inspection instrument, which allows you 15 minutes on the roof before requiring anchoring.


Sleek Design: Constructed from resilient, low-weight aluminum featuring a stainless rope shackle, the Ridge Pro melds portability and robustness to provide a dependable roofing solution for a wide range of applications.


Cost Efficiency: Contractors are adopting RidgePro in an effort to reduce expenditures on walkboards and scaffolding. It is a wise investment that yields safety and efficiency benefits.


Install Procedure: Cross members spanning the peak of the Ridge Pro are equipped with pre-drilled apertures for fastening. Securely fasten RidgePro to the structure using 5/16" x 1 1/2" lag fasteners (sold separately). Remove the bolts and fill the holes with a weatherproof roofing sealant (sold separately) once the work is complete.


Suitable For Various Professions: Roofing contractors, insurance claims adjusters, solar installers, pest control technicians, and holiday light installers are among the numerous professions that can benefit from the security and productivity that RidgePro provides on a daily basis.


RidgePro Operation: Ensure that every safety precaution is observed on the project site. Lifeline should be attached after assembling RidgePro, matching the roof pitch, and attaching the extension pole.  Ascend the ladder and use the pole to push the RidgePro until it reaches the peak of the roof. To secure Ridge Pro, flip it 180 degrees to flip over the ridge, then draw firmly on the lifeline. Using a lifeline rope hold, ascend to the roof in a secure manner. For a sturdy connection, affix four 5/16" x 1½" lag screws.


Tested For Fall Protection: Ridge Pro is compliant with OSHA standards and has been subjected to extensive testing; as a result, it provides a secure and effective solution for roofing work.


Join Our Expanding Community: Our expanding and devoted clientele includes professionals such as roofing contractors, insurance claim adjusters, solar installers, pest control technicians, and holiday light installers. Incorporate RidgePro into your rooftop safety protocol and aid in the reduction of fatalities and falls among all rooftop laborers.




Does RidgePro exclusively serve roofers? In addition to solar installers, chimney repair personnel, insurance claims inspectors, pest control technicians, and holiday light installers, the Ridge Pro is intended for use in a variety of industries.


Does the RidgePro function with every roof? The RidgePro is optimized for elevations ranging from 6/12 to 12/12 on shingled roofs. Even for short-term projects, permanent mounting is recommended for pitches ranging from 6/12 to 8/12.


 What is the Ridge Pro's roof mounting method? RidgePro should be affixed to the roof by means of four 5/16" x 1 ½" lag screws fed through the pre-drilled holes in the mounting bases.  Following their removal, patch the openings with roofing sealant and replace the screws.


 Does the Ridge Pro include a pole extension? We recommend purchasing the poles at your local Home Depot in the paint department.  You need the Wooster Sherlock R057 extension pole.  


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