Super Anchor 1075 D-Minus Anchor 10 Pack

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Super Anchor
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D-Minus Anchor


The D-Minus is our most economical fall arrest anchor and is available in a powder coated 11-gauge mild steel or 11-gauge 430 stainless steel. Installs with 6 factory supplied stainless steel spiral shank nails or #12 screws. Anchors are specified for asphalt shingle roofing and are very low profile making them very difficult to notice on the roof. Can be used for new construction, reroof or retrofitting onto existing roofs. Can also be used in conjunction with our “RetroFlashing” system.

  • Extremely cost effectiveness
  • 5 certified pre-engineered fastener options
  • Installs with just 6 fasteners
  • Fall Indicator stem warns of in-service loading
  • Paintable to match any roofing color
  • Sold in 10 packs or 80 packs
  • Accepts all 3,600lb gate strength connectors
  • Permanent/Temporary/Disposable/Reusable
  • Factory butyl flashing strip available
  • Recommended Spacing every 12’ o.c.
  • Fasteners are covered by overlapping roofing
  • OSHA 5,000 pound rated anchor
  • 3rd Party certified testing documents available
  • English, Spanish and French Manuals

Layout is simple: place the anchors every 12’ on-center (one of each side of the ridge) and you are ready to go to work. They are designed to last the life of the roof and will offer valuable protection for anyone up on the roof surface. The D- gets a A+


Technical Specifications
Device D- single direction fall arrest anchor
Fall Protection Rating Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint
Structure Attachment Wood structure
Minimum Breaking 5,000 pounds
Connector Hole 7/8″ diameter
Material 11 gauge powder coated steel or 11 gauge 430 Stainless Steel
Maximum User Weight 310 pounds maximum body weight with shock absorber
Working Radius Direction of slope or 30-degrees
Hardware Stainless Sprial Shank Nails or Stainless Steel Screws
OSHA Standard 1926:502, 1910.66
ANSI Standard Z359.1-07 and A10.32-2012

About Super Anchor

Founded in 1992 by Steve Nichols, Super Anchor patented and released the A.R.S. Super Anchor, the first permanent roof anchorage device in its innovative P.P.E. line. The A.R.S. Super Anchor remains a top seller today under A.R.S. 2x8 and 2x4 anchors. Drawing from over 20 years of roofing experience, Super Anchor's founder recognized the industry's need for specialized fall protection tailored to roofers. Still family-owned and operated, Super Anchor provides premium fall arrest equipment such as harnesses, anchors, rooftop posts, and self-retracting lifelines. Steve Nichols is still at the helm, leading Super Anchor as it innovates new products yearly. Headquartered in Monroe, Washington, the company prioritizes innovation, superior customer service, and products that exceed standards. Super Anchor Safety exemplifies pioneering fall protection born from real-world roofing expertise. The company motto will remain "The Best In Fall Arrest" regarding the products it sells and the customer service it provides.

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