Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor: Innovation Redefined

Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor: Innovation Redefined

Posted by Howie Scarboro - CEO Fall Protection Distributors, LLC on Mar 11th 2024

Ridge Pro Steep Assist Overview

In the competitive world of roofing safety, choosing the right anchoring system is crucial. The Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor distinguishes itself as a leading solution, blending innovative design, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, thereby setting it apart from alternatives like the  Goat Steep Assist and HippLock. This article delves deep into the features, benefits, and competitive advantages of the Ridge Pro, providing essential insights for informed decision-making in roofing projects.

Worker on a roof using a Ridge Pro device for safety.

The tie-off feature of the Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor stands as it’s most crucial and life-saving attribute, fundamentally transforming roofing safety. This feature ensures that workers maintain 100% tie-off – a continuous safety line – from the moment they step off the ladder onto the roof until they safely return. This continuous connection to a secure anchor point drastically reduces the likelihood of slips or falls, which are the leading causes of serious injuries and fatalities in roofing work.

In an industry where working at heights is the norm, the risk of a fall is an ever-present danger, and the Ridge Pro's tie-off feature addresses this head-on. By ensuring workers are always tied off, the Ridge Pro not only adheres to the highest safety standards but also provides peace of mind for both the workers and their employers.

This relentless commitment to maintaining 100% tie-off is more than just a feature; it's a testament to the Ridge Pro's dedication to protecting lives and preventing accidents in some of the most hazardous working conditions. The Ridge Pro thus emerges not just as a tool for efficiency but as an essential safeguard, ensuring that every roofing job is carried out with the utmost safety, reducing the fear of accidents, and setting a new standard in worker protection.

Exploring the Ridge Pro Kits: Exclusive Solutions for Roofing Safety

The Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor, exclusively available from Fall Protection Distributors, LLC, offers three distinct kits designed to cater to a range of safety needs and preferences in roofing. Each kit combines the reliability and efficiency of the Ridge Pro with additional safety equipment, enhancing the overall protection and convenience for roofing professionals. Let's delve into the details of these three kits to understand how they align with various safety requirements.

Option #1-Ridge Pro Hook Only:

Ridge Pro steep assist fall protection anchor.

This kit is the most basic yet essential offering, perfect for professionals who already possess other components of fall protection gear. It includes the  Ridge Pro Hook, renowned for its robust construction, versatile compatibility with various roof pitches, and the crucial tie-off feature. This kit is ideal for those who need a reliable anchoring solution that integrates seamlessly with their existing safety equipment.

Option #2-Ridge Pro Hook Plus Malta Dynamics C7050 Vertical Lifeline:

Ridge Pro bundle including 50' vertical lifeline.

Taking safety a notch higher, the second kit pairs the Ridge Pro Hook with the Malta Dynamics C7050 Vertical Lifeline. This addition enhances the safety net for workers, offering an extra layer of security. The C7050 Vertical Lifeline is known for its strength, durability, and ease of use, making it a perfect complement to the Ridge Pro Hook. Together, they form a comprehensive safety system, ensuring that workers are securely anchored and have a reliable lifeline while working at heights.

Option #3-Ridge Pro Hook and C7050 Plus Malta Dynamics B2002 Universal Fit Harness:

Ridge Pro hook, 50' vertical lifeline, and harness bundle for fall protection.

For the ultimate roofing safety kit, the third option includes not only the  Ridge Pro Hook and the Malta Dynamics C7050 Vertical Lifeline but also adds the Malta Dynamics B2002 Universal Fit Harness. This full-body harness is designed for comfort, adjustability, and maximum safety, making it a crucial component for comprehensive fall protection. The harness fits universally, accommodating different body types, and ensures that in the event of a slip or fall, the impact is distributed evenly, reducing the risk of injury. This kit represents the complete package, offering an all-in-one solution for roofing professionals who prioritize safety above all else.

Each of these kits, offered exclusively by Fall Protection Distributors, LLC, is designed with the professional's safety and convenience in mind. Whether opting for the basic hook, the added security of a vertical lifeline, or the complete set with a universal fit harness, Ridge Pro kits provide flexible options to meet the diverse needs of roofing safety. By choosing the right kit, professionals can ensure they are equipped with not only the best tools for the job but also the best protection against the inherent risks of working at height.

Ridge Pro: Innovation Redefined in Roofing Safety

Versatile Compatibility: 

The Ridge Pro shines with it’s remarkable adaptability, meeting the needs of a diverse range of professionals. This versatility extends to it’s compatibility with various roof pitches, from the moderate 6/12 to the more challenging 12/12, offering a flexible solution for a variety of roofing jobs. It's an invaluable tool for contractors, roofers, solar installers, and more, emphasizing it’s utility in numerous professional contexts.

Enhanced Safety: 

At the heart of the Ridge Pro's design is an unwavering commitment to safety. The device features a vertical lifeline security that enables safe, temporary anchoring from the ladder to the roof's peak. This ensures stability and instills confidence among workers on steep inclines. Additionally, it’s OSHA-compliant design, which includes a padded base and accommodation for four 5/16" lg bolts, underscores it’s reliability as a top-tier anchoring device.

Durable Construction: 

The Ridge Pro's construction showcases a balance of durability and mobility. Crafted from lightweight aluminum and equipped with a stainless rope shackle, it offers lasting reliability without hindering ease of movement. This robust design is pivotal in providing peace of mind for professionals working at height, ensuring equipment reliability in various roofing conditions.


In the roofing industry, where cost efficiency is paramount, the Ridge Pro stands out as a smart investment. It’s adoption can lead to significant savings on typical expenses like walkboards and scaffolding. This not only translates into immediate cost benefits but also long-term value, as it’s durability and versatility make it a reusable, reliable tool across numerous projects.

Comparison: Ridge Pro vs. Competitors

When evaluating the Ridge Pro against competitors like the Goat Steep Assist and HippLock, it's evident that the Ridge Pro offers a unique blend of features. It’s lightweight design, ease of use, and comprehensive safety measures offer clear advantages. In terms of cost, the Ridge Pro is competitively priced, providing value for money, especially considering it’s extensive features and long-term utility.

Goat Steep Assist:

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Goat Steep Assist offers high strength and durability. It’s patented roof ridge hook facilitates easy setting on a range of roof types, providing enhanced stability and safety.

Available in Deluxe and Compact versions, the Goat Steep Assist offers options based on reach and portability. However, with weights ranging from 16 lbs to 25 lbs, it may lack the portability of RidgePro.


The Goat Steep Assist is priced higher than Ridge Pro, with costs ranging from $539 to $669 depending on pole length. However, it’s inability to provide 100% tie-off and the inability to be fastened to the roof for longer periods of work may pose safety concerns for workers.  Another drawback to the Goat is that the worker is required to maintain a 3 point stance when using the device which means no standing up or letting go of the Goat while on the roof.  This makes doing even the most basic of tasks impossible.  


The HippLock offers versatility with it’s ability to accommodate different roof pitches and attach a vertical lifeline. It’s design simplifies setup, providing ease of use for professionals working on steep roofs.

Priced between $539.99 and $839.99, the HippLock offers a cost-efficient solution with varying package options. However, with weights ranging from 16 lbs to 27 lbs, it may be less portable compared to RidgePro.

Tie-Off Ability: 

Similar to RidgePro, the HippLock allows for 100% tie-off, ensuring maximum safety for workers transitioning from ladder to roof and back.

Conclusion: The Unmatched Superiority of Ridge Pro in Roofing Safety

In the demanding and dynamic field of roofing safety, the Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor establishes itself as a paragon of innovation, efficiency, and reliability. This comprehensive examination of it’s features and comparative analysis with competitors like the Goat Steep Assist and HippLock underscores the Ridge Pro's unrivaled position in the market. With it’s versatile compatibility, enhanced safety, durable construction, and cost-effectiveness, the Ridge Pro is not just a product but a complete safety solution for roofing professionals.

The Ridge Pro's versatile compatibility is a significant advantage, accommodating a wide range of roofing pitches and catering to diverse professional needs. From contractors and roofers to solar installers and telecom technicians, the adaptability of the Ridge Pro makes it an indispensable tool across various roofing scenarios. This versatility ensures that the investment in Ridge Pro is not just for a single project, but spans across multiple applications, demonstrating it’s long-term value.

Safety, the foremost priority in roofing work, is where the Ridge Pro truly shines. It’s commitment to worker safety through features like the vertical lifeline security and OSHA-compliant design sets a new benchmark in the industry. By providing stable and secure anchoring from the ladder to the roof's peak, the Ridge Pro significantly minimizes the risks associated with working on steep inclines. This focus on safety not only protects workers but also instills a sense of confidence and assurance, knowing they are using a product that adheres to the highest safety standards.

Additionally, the Ridge Pro's durable construction from lightweight aluminum and it’s cost-effective nature make it a practical choice for roofing companies looking to optimize their operations. The reduction in the need for additional equipment like walkboards and scaffolding, coupled with it’s long-lasting build, translates into substantial savings and operational efficiency.

The Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor emerges not just as a product but as a crucial asset in roofing safety. It’s comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of various professionals, commitment to safety, durable design, and economic benefits solidify it’s standing as the top choice. For those in the roofing industry, investing in the Ridge Pro means investing in safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that every roofing project is conducted with the highest standards of protection and professionalism.

Rapid Fire Q&A Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor

What makes the Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor a superior choice for roofing safety?

The Ridge Pro stands out for it’s exceptional blend of features tailored for roofing safety. It’s innovative tie-off capability ensures 100% safety from ladder to roof, significantly reducing fall risks. The device's versatility is unmatched, compatible with various roof pitches, and it’s lightweight aluminum construction ensures durability without compromising mobility. These features, combined with it’s  OSHA compliance, make the Ridge Pro not just a tool but a comprehensive safety solution for roofers.

How does the tie-off feature of the Ridge Pro enhance worker safety on roofs?

The tie-off feature is the cornerstone of the Ridge Pro, ensuring that workers are securely anchored from the moment they transition from the ladder to the roof and back. This constant safety line significantly diminishes the likelihood of slips or falls, the primary cause of severe injuries in roofing. Maintaining 100% tie-off is essential, and the Ridge Pro's commitment to this aspect safeguards workers throughout their time at height, drastically reducing the chances of accidents.

Can the Ridge Pro be used on different types of roofs and pitches?

Absolutely, the Ridge Pro is designed for versatility, catering to a wide range of roof types and pitches. It’s compatibility extends from moderate slopes of 6/12 to steeper inclines of 12/12, making it an adaptable solution for various roofing projects. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for professionals like solar installers and telecom technicians, who work on diverse roofing structures.

Is the Ridge Pro compliant with occupational safety standards?

Yes, the Ridge Pro is designed with compliance and safety standards in mind. It meets OSHA requirements for anchoring devices, which is a testament to it’s commitment to ensuring the highest safety standards in the industry. This compliance is crucial not only for worker safety but also for employer peace of mind, knowing they adhere to regulatory standards.

How does the construction of the Ridge Pro contribute to it’s effectiveness and durability?

The Ridge Pro's construction is a key factor in it’s effectiveness. Made from high-quality lightweight aluminum and equipped with a stainless rope shackle, it offers the perfect balance of strength and ease of handling. This durability ensures the Ridge Pro can withstand the demands of various roofing scenarios, providing reliable performance over time.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, how does the Ridge Pro benefit roofing professionals?

The Ridge Pro is a cost-effective solution for the roofing industry. It’s durability and versatility eliminate the need for multiple, specialized tools, reducing overall project costs. Additionally, the savings on traditional equipment like walkboards and scaffolding, combined with the long-term reliability of the Ridge Pro, translate into significant financial benefits for contractors and companies.

How does the Ridge Pro compare with other roofing safety products like the Goat Steep Assist and HippLock?

While the Goat Steep Assist and HippLock are commendable in their own rights, the Ridge Pro surpasses them in several aspects. It’s unique tie-off feature, lightweight design, and wider roof pitch compatibility give it an edge. Furthermore, the Ridge Pro is more cost-effective, providing better value for money, especially when considering it’s comprehensive safety features and long-term utility.

What type of professionals would benefit most from using the Ridge Pro?

A range of professionals including roofers, contractors, solar installers, chimney sweeps, and telecom technicians will find the Ridge Pro immensely beneficial. It’s adaptability to different roof types and pitches, coupled with it’s safety features, makes it an ideal tool for anyone working at heights on roofing projects.

Can the Ridge Pro significantly reduce operational costs for roofing companies?

Yes, the Ridge Pro can lead to notable reductions in operational costs for roofing companies. It’s multi-functional nature eliminates the need for various other safety tools and equipment. This, combined with it’s durability, means companies can rely on the Ridge Pro for multiple projects over time, leading to considerable savings.  Minimizing the risk of serious injury or fatalities certainly contributes to the overall long-term cost saving benefit of using the Ridge Pro product.   

What feedback have users given about their experience with the Ridge Pro?

Users have overwhelmingly praised the Ridge Pro for it’s safety features, particularly it’s tie-off capability. Many appreciate it’s versatility and ease of use across various roofing jobs. The consistent feedback highlights a significant reduction in safety concerns, improved efficiency on job sites, and appreciation for it’s cost-effectiveness and compliance with safety standards.

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