Malta C1006 Tool Lanyard

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The Malta Dynamics Tool Lanyard with Mini Carabiner is lightweight, easily transportable, and helps reduce the risk of injuries from falling tools. The high visibility orange tool lanyard is certified to carry tools up to 15 pounds in combined weight and can be attached to a tool belt or around the wrist. The Mini Carabiner is self-closing.

Key Features:

● Product Weight: under 1 lbs.
● Made of 0.63″ wide Tubular Webbing
● Helps reduce falling object related injuries
● Securely attaches tools to wrist or tool belt
● Provides high visibility, ease of use, and versatility
● Strength of Tool Lanyard: 15 lbs.
● Relaxed Length: 33.5″
● Expanded Length: 53″

Malta C1006 Tool Lanyard

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