New Round Of Testing - SSRA3 Anchor Plate

New Round Of Testing - SSRA3 Anchor Plate

We recently contracted a ISO 17025 independent materials testing lab to test our newly designed SSRA3 Anchor Plate Assembly.The SSRA3 Anchor Plate assembly is designed as an anchor point for horizontal lifelines as well as for mounting SRL/SRD cradles and various other components to standing seam panels.The SSRA3 Anchor Plate attaches to the seams with two SSRA1 anchor points.This provides an incredibly strong and solid base for lifeline attachment.It also protects the seams from bending while adding tension to the horizontal lifeline.

The SSRA3 Anchor plate is constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum and measures 12”x27”.It is pre-drill to match the Falltech 7395A Deluxe Rotating Anchor Point/SRD Cradle(not included) and also for the Falltech 7414 D-Ring which is included.The D-Ring can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

The test protocol was for the ANSI Z359.18 and OSHA 1910.140 procedures.They performed parallel and in-line directional pulls with both the cupped tipped and nylon tipped set screws. All tests exceeded 5,000 lbs. in both directions of pull.

We have also recently reduced the price of the SSRA3 Anchor Point in order to make it more affordable and encourage it’s use when using horizontal lifelines.  Check it out here.