Super Anchor 3205 MAX-S 30ft. SRL Fall Protection Kit: 2903k + PD-6101-HL +I6061 + 5006 + 3013-D USA Version

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Super Anchor
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The Super Anchor MAX-S Pro Series Safety Kit includes a 30 ft. Sidewinder Retractable Lifeline, a pro series Hi-Vis safety harness, a Hinge 2 reusable roof anchor with fasteners, inline energy absorber, and a storage bucket.

* This kit includes a SideWinder retractable lifeline with 30 ft. of galvanized cable.

* The Pro Series Harness offers Hi-Viz webbing and comfortable padding not usually found in fall protection safety kits.

* The Hinge 2 Roof Anchor is a reusable anchor that works on flat and pitched roofs. (Fasteners Included)

* This kit also includes an inline energy absorbing lanyard.

* The Max-S Pro Series Kit comes complete with a 20 page instruction manual in English/Spanish and a storage bucket to keep everything protected.