Super Anchor 3200-50-US 50' Safety Kit

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Super Anchor
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Our updated entry-level fall protection safety kit that is brimming with features. The easiest and least expensive way to achieve OSHA compliance and not sacrifice comfort or safety. The Hi-Vis 5-point fall arrest harness, 50’ Maxima lifeline, dual-cam mechanical rope grab, energy absorber, roof anchor and instruction manual are all included. A complete fall arrest kit.


  • Swaged Maxima 50’ Lifeline with 3,600lb. gate strength Snaphook
  • Full Body Harness, 5-point, Universal Fit Hi-Vis Webbing
  • Hinge2 Reusable Anchor for Flat and Pitched Roofs
  • Mechanical Rope Grab with integral Energy Absorbing Lanyard
  • Heavy Duty Storage Bucket
  • 20 Page Instruction Manual English/Spanish
  • Complies with OSHA, ANSI Standards
Technical Specifications
Fall Protection Rating Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint
Worker Capacity 340 pounds maximum including tools
Harness Type Rear D-Ring, minimum 5,000 lbs tensile strength, proof loaded to 3,600 lbs.
Harness Specifications 1-3/4″ polyester, minimum breaking strength 6,000 lb
Harness Configuration Rear D-ring, 5-Point Adjustment, Coated Adjuster buckles minimum 4,000 lbs breaking strength
Lifeline Specifications 5/8″ Copolymer, 10,582 pound strength, 340 pounds MAX User Weight
Lifeline Configuration 50′ Length with Z359 Snaphook and Aluminum Swage
Anchor Type Hinge2 Roof Anchor with Duplex nail fasteners
Anchor Rating Fall Arrest and Fall Restraion – see Manual for Fastener Options
Anchor Fasteners 3-1/2″ bright 16d duplex nailes, package of 36. Temporary use only
Energy Absorber Maximum Arresting Force of 900 pounds with Integral 5/8″ Rope Grab
Mechanical Rope Grab 5/8″ Dual Cam Grab with Integral Energy Absorber
Instruction Manual 2018 Fall Protection Manual, English/Spanish, 20 page, 300+ illustrations
OSHA Standard 1926:502, 1910:66
ANSI Standardr Z359.11-2014
Warning Labels HD permanent attached and protected Warning and Inspection labels
Storage Bucket 3.5 Gallon square bucket with lid

About Super Anchor

Founded in 1992 by Steve Nichols, Super Anchor patented and released the A.R.S. Super Anchor, the first permanent roof anchorage device in its innovative P.P.E. line. The A.R.S. Super Anchor remains a top seller today under A.R.S. 2x8 and 2x4 anchors. Drawing from over 20 years of roofing experience, Super Anchor's founder recognized the industry's need for specialized fall protection tailored to roofers. Still family-owned and operated, Super Anchor provides premium fall arrest equipment such as harnesses, anchors, rooftop posts, and self-retracting lifelines. Steve Nichols is still at the helm, leading Super Anchor as it innovates new products yearly. Headquartered in Monroe, Washington, the company prioritizes innovation, superior customer service, and products that exceed standards. Super Anchor Safety exemplifies pioneering fall protection born from real-world roofing expertise. The company motto will remain "The Best In Fall Arrest" regarding the products it sells and the customer service it provides.

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