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Standing Seam Roof Anchor
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One pack includes 12 nylon tipped set screws - consumable tip for temporary attachment of the SSRA1 to standing seam panels. Perfect for contractors that need to minimize paint scratches from anchor installations.   

  • 3/8-16x1.25" stainless steel with nylon insert
  • Less marring than non-nylon version
  • Requires 180-200 in/lbs torque
  • Requires 3/16" allen/hex bit 
  • Compatible with 22 and 24 gauge steel panels
  • Nylon tip color may vary


*Nylon tip color may vary from stock photography.

About Standing Seam Roof Anchor

In 2015, the Standing Seam Roof Anchor System began providing specialized fall protection solutions for standing seam roofs. It all started with the SSRA1 seam anchor, designed to lock onto 95% of all standing seam profiles without penetrating the panels or violating warranties. This patented innovation was the first one-piece design in the industry that used six pairs of opposing set screws for seam attachment.

A couple of months later, the SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jack adapter was released, making walkboards possible on standing seam roofs. The adjustable height side legs stabilize the roof seams and create a stable walkboard surface. After that, we introduced the SSRA3 Anchor Plate, which allows for the deployment of temporary horizontal lifelines on standing seam roofs without penetrations. This comprehensive product line offers unmatched safety and reliability across multiple industries in the U.S. and Canada. All Standing Seam Roof Anchor products are proudly designed and fabricated in the U.S.A.

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