Super Anchor 2x4/2x6 Combination Safety Bar #1012- 24" OC x 48" Length

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The Safety Bar is a unique fall protection anchor for use while working with open truss situations. It spans 3 trusses and locks in securely with detent pins while gauging the trusses 24” on center. 2 users and tie off to the safety bar with the use of a shock absorbing lanyard or SRL’s.

Our Safety Bar is the only product on the market for open framing fall protection and is used by framing crews across the country for OSHA compliance during the absolute most difficult time to provide fall protection.

  • Provides Fall Protection for 2 Workers
  • Built Specifically for Open Framing Fall Protection
  • Models for 2×4 and 2×6 Trusses
  • Use with SRL or Vertical Lifelines
Super Anchor #1012 Combination Safety Bar

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