Super Anchor 1017A Floor Joist Safety Bar for 24" O.C.

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Floor Joist Safety Bar

The Floor Joist Safety Bar follows the same design principles of our Safety Bar but is designed to be installed onto engineered 4×2 floor joists. Providing fall protection during the truss installation and decking operations is difficult to accomplish. This product spans 3 trusses, locks securely in place with locking detent pins and can be moved quickly when needed. 2 users can tie off to this product when using a energy absorbing lanyard or SRL’s.

  • 2-person capacity for fall arrest
  • Safety Green powder coating
  • 3/16” bump bar for adjusting with hammer
  • Replaceable detent pins
  • Fall Indicator attachment points
  • 4 models to choose from
Super Anchor 1017A 4x2 Floor Joist Safety Bar

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