Butler MR-24, CMR-24, and VSR-II Roofs – Compatible Mounting Solutions

Butler MR-24, CMR-24, and VSR-II Roofs – Compatible Mounting Solutions

Posted by Howie Scarboro - CEO Fall Protection Distributors, LLC on Mar 29th 2024

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In the dynamic world of metal roofing, the marriage of advanced roofing technology with durable mounting solutions is imperative to the success of many projects. Butler’s exemplary roofing panels at the heart of this union - the MR-24, CMR-24, and VSR II - are each a pinnacle of innovation, durability, and aesthetic appeal. However, their compatibility with numerous non-penetrating mounting products sets these panels apart. The RoofClamp RC, RoofClamp RCT, and SataMount kit provide the secure attachments required for today's rooftop accessories.  Let’s dive into each Butler panel’s unique features and benefits, unraveling how our specialized mounting solutions complement and enhance the features inherent in these roofing systems.

Our journey navigates through the intricacies of these panels, showcasing the distinct characteristics that make them industry leaders. From the MR-24’s monolithic steel surface and 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam to the CMR-24’s combination of strength and energy efficiency and the VSR II’s adaptability to complex roof geometries, each panel is a testament to Butler’s commitment to excellence. We will also explain how each Butler panel is compatible with specialized seam mounts for installing solar panels, walkways, electrical and HVAC systems,  satellite dishes, walkways, etc.  

Butler MR-24 and CMR-24 Roof Systems

Butler Mr-24 and CMR-24 panel profile. Butler MR-24 and CMR-24 standing seam panels.

Butler MR-24 and CMR-24 panel images courtesy of Butler Mfg.

The Butler MR-24 and CMR-24 roof systems are a testament to over five decades of roofing excellence. Since their inception in 1969, these systems have led the industry as the first and finest standing-seam metal roof systems, boasting over 50 years of weathertight performance. Their impressive global footprint of over 3.2 billion square feet installed worldwide demonstrates their widespread acceptance and versatility in various applications, including retrofit and re-roofing projects.

Monolithic Steel Surface and Temperature-Responsive Design

The MR-24 and CMR-24 panels are a singular steel covering, providing unparalleled protection across entire buildings. Both seams feature a 2.75” seam height, a unique trapezoidal lower section, and a lap seam on top. This feature, coupled with the 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam, with an additional 180-degree field-rolled, guarantees superior performance and protection against the elements. Factory-punched panels and structural components contribute to precise alignment and installation accuracy.

Safety Compliance

MR-24 and CMR-24 comply with stringent safety standards, including a UL Class 90 wind uplift rating, U.S. Army Corps testing, FM Global approval, and Miami-Dade County approval. The MR-24’s seamless surface necessitates specialized mounting strategies. Both systems are fully compatible with RoofClamp RC, RoofClamp RCT, and SataMount kit for mounting satellite dishes like Starlink to standing seam roofs without penetrations.

CMR-24: Enhanced Aesthetics and Energy Efficiency

Building upon the MR-24’s foundation, the CMR-24 incorporates a rigid insulation board and an interior steel liner, enhancing the building’s appearance and energy efficiency. It is ideal for projects requiring the MR-24’s performance, improved energy efficiency, and a polished interior look. The CMR-24 inherits the MR-24’s exclusive panel seaming and clip system, ensuring durability and reliability. Its specially designed bearing plate evenly distributes weight, supporting the structural integrity. At the same time, the customizable insulation board caters to various energy needs. The interior metal liner provides a finished look, enhancing aesthetic and energy performance.

Butler VSR II Roof System

Butler VSR-II standing seam panel profile.

Butler VSR-II image courtesy of Butler Mfg.

The Butler VSR II roof system is an innovative solution for handling complex roof geometries. This versatility is especially apparent in its ability to simplify flashing designs and fit seamlessly in continuous roof-to-fascia applications. Its adaptability makes it a prime choice for many architectural styles, easily accommodating the most challenging roofing requirements.

Panel Dimensions and Aesthetics:

The VSR II panels, at 16 inches in width and made from durable 24-gauge steel, promise longevity and robustness. A noteworthy 2-inch rib height and subtle longitudinal flutes add structural integrity and enhance the building’s visual appeal, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing architectural silhouette.

Safety and Compliance:

The VSR II roof system has a UL Class 90 wind uplift rating. It has undergone rigorous testing by the U.S. Army Co, and it is available with FM Global approval, assuring its reliability under various environmental conditions.

Long-term Warranties:

The system is backed by weather-tightness warranties extending up to 25 years, signifying a long-term commitment to quality and performance. This level of warranty coverage reflects the system’s trustworthiness and suitability for long-term applications.

Seam Mounting Compatibility

When it comes to mounting non-penetrating equipment, the VSR II roof system is fully compatible with the RoofClamp RC, RoofClamp RCT, and SataMount kit for mounting satellite dishes like Starlink to standing seam roofs without penetrations. These products are designed to work in conjunction with the unique features of the VSR II panels, ensuring that attachments are secure without compromising the system’s integrity.

What Works Best for Butler Standing Seam Panels

MR-24 and CMR-24 Profiles

RoofClamp RC, RCT, and SataMount RCT systems are generally compatible with Butler MR-24, CMR-24, and VSR-II panel profiles. For the compatible panels, these clamping systems provide a secure, non-penetrative attachment method that preserves the roof’s integrity and warranty while offering versatility in attaching a range of accessories.

Introduction to RoofClamp and SataMount Products

When attaching accessories to standing seam roofs, the primary concern is often the potential damage caused by penetrative methods. RoofClamp RC and RCT products emerge as revolutionary solutions in this realm. These clamps securely attach solar panels, walkways, electrical conduits, junction boxes, signage, and more to Butler Mfg standing seam metal roofs without compromising the roof panels or voiding warranties. Look further into these products and how they can provide non-penetrating attachment for Butler MR-24, Bulter CMR-25, and Butler VSR-II standing seam roof systems.

RoofClamp RC and RCT: A Game Changer in Seam Clamping

RoofClamp RC and RCT seam clamps for attaching equipment to standing seam roofs.

RoofClamp RC and RCT are unique due to their robust aluminum construction and universal-fit design. These clamps lock onto the seams of the concealed fastener metal roof, providing a stable and secure platform for various attachments.  Due to the patented shape of the clamp bodies, these are the industry most universal-fit seam clamps available.  The RC fits about 90% of today's standing seam profiles, and the larger RCT fits about 95%.  

Compatibility chart for the RoofClamp RC and RCT clamps.


Non-Penetrating Set Screws:

The stainless steel cupped-tip set screws avoid penetrations and the use of heavy torque loads on the fragile roof seams.

Versatile for a Variety Of Applications:

RoofClamp RC and RCT provide secure, non-penetrating mounting solutions for solar panels, walkways, conduits, HVAC systems, and more.

Durable Design:

The clamps are made to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring longevity thanks to the premium, non-corrosive materials used to fabricate them.

Easy Installation:

This is a simplified installation process that requires minimal tools. An experienced installer can expect a two-minute installation and one-minute removal time.

SataMount RCT: Revolutionizing Satellite Dish Installations

SataMount RCT used to mount a satellite dish to a standing seam roof.

The SataMount RCT will mount satellite dishes, including Starlink systems, onto Butler MR-24, CMR-24, and VSR-II standing seam panels. Providing a secure mounting solution that aligns with the non-penetrative strategy of the RoofClamp products.

Sturdy Mounting:

Ensures the satellite dish remains stable and secure in diverse weather conditions for the roof system’s life.

Non-Penetrating Installation:

Preserves the roof’s warranty and structural integrity by utilizing  cupped tip set screws for maximum attachment strength.

User-Friendly Setup:

This product streamlines the installation process for satellite dishes. It fits 95% of today’s standing seam profiles and can be adjusted to seam widths up to 24”.

The Importance of Non-Penetrating Seam Clamps

The use of non-penetrative seam clamps like RoofClamp RC and RCT is crucial for several reasons:

Preserving Roof Integrity:

They eliminate the risk of leaks and structural damage caused by penetrations. Standing seam roofs require specialized attachment methods to avoid damage to the floating roof system. The RoofClamp RC and RCT products solve these challenges and provide exceptional, long-term mounting solutions for standing seam roof systems.

Maintaining Warranties:

Most hidden fastener roofing warranties prohibit penetrations through the panels.

RoofClamps prevent penetrations and allow rock-solid seam attachments for the roof system’s life.

Versatility in Application:

They offer the flexibility to attach a variety of accessories safely. RoofClamps have been used in various industries to mount signage, solar equipment, electrical conduit and junction boxes, lighting systems, HVAC equipment, etc. Unistrut Defender can be combined with RoofClamp to create a racking system to support just about anything you need to mount to a standing seam roof.

Installation and Adaptability

Installing RoofClamp and SataMount products is straightforward, making them accessible for roofing projects. Their adaptability allows multiple applications, from residential solar panel installations to commercial satellite dish setups.

Simple Installation Steps:

These clamps can be securely attached to the roof seams with essential tools. The basic procedure is to tighten the set screws to the seam with the clamps centered over the seam and torque the set screws to 90in/lbs.


Their design allows for the attachment of different types of equipment without additional structural changes. RoofClamp RC and RCT are the industry’s most universal-fit seam clamps. With them, just about anything can be attached to standing seam panels.

Conclusion: How To Attach Anything To Butler Mfg Standing Seam Panels

Integrating RoofClamp RC, RCT, and the SataMount RCT mounting system into Butler Mfg Roof Systems marks a significant advancement in modern roofing technology. These innovative solutions offer a reliable, non-penetrative method for attaching essential equipment to Butler MR-24, CMR-24, and VSR-II standing seam metal roofs, ensuring the integrity and warranty of the roof panels remain intact. By choosing these specialized accessories, you can significantly enhance the functionality of your roof system while adhering to the highest safety and efficiency standards.

RoofClamp and SataMount systems are more than just attachment options; they represent a commitment to preserving the quality and longevity of roofing installations. Whether it’s mounting solar panels, walkways, electrical conduits, junction boxes, signage, or satellite dishes like Starlink, these clamps and mounts provide a secure and safe method that avoids panel penetrations.

By utilizing RoofClamp RC, RCT, and the SataMount RCT, you ensure seamless integration of various Bulter Mfg Roof Systems applications. These products enhance the practicality of roof installations and advance toward a future where roofing solutions are more adaptable, reliable, and versatile. Their ease of use and durability make them ideal choices for a wide range of roofing needs, offering both installers and building owners peace of mind.

Safety and efficiency in roofing projects are about more than compliance with standards; they are about ensuring long-term reliability and performance. The RoofClamp and SataMount systems are at the forefront of this mission, providing secure attachment solutions that meet the demands of modern roofing applications. They exemplify the fusion of innovative design with practical functionality, making them indispensable for anyone looking to mount equipment on Butler MR-24, CMR-24, and VSR-II standing seam panels.

In conclusion, adopting RoofClamp RC and RCT, as well as the SataMount RCT mounting system, is an essential step for anyone seeking to enhance their Butler Mfg Roof Systems. These products offer an optimal blend of safety, reliability, and versatility, ensuring that your roofing projects are successful, sustainable, and future-proof. Embrace the new era of roofing with these advanced solutions and experience the difference in quality and performance.

Anyone working at height on roofs should be trained and equipped for a safe workday.   For additional resources or to discuss your fall protection and standing seam mounting needs, call us at 863-703-4522 or visit www.StandingSeamRoofAnchor.com.

Howie Scarboro, C.E.O. and co-founder of Fall Protection Distributors, L.L.C., recognized the need for continued improvements in roofing safety during the 2010 MetalCon show in Las Vegas. He joined forces with SnoBlox-Snojax, a leader in snow retention and seam clamping technology for metal roofs, to create the SSRA1 prototype. Tested by Gravitec for OSHA/ANSI certifications, the SSRA1 proved to be the industry's lightest, most robust, and most universal-fit anchor point for standing seam roofs. Fall Protection Distributors, L.L.C. was born in 2015, shaping the future of fall protection and instilling confidence in the industry.