Malta EC9002 DoorFix Mobile Anchor

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Malta Dynamics
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The DoorFix is a mobile anchor point and offers a smart and mobile solution at places where openings and risk of falling from height are present. The mobile anchor point DoorFix is adjustable and easy to clamp in the opening or between the door frames, using a rotatable foot. The DoorFix features two shackle points and certified as fall protection for two (2) people. The two stainless steel anchor points can be replaced between the holes, so the DoorFix can also be used in the case of a small opening up to 13.8”. Maximum distance 50”.

Key Features:

● Weight 20 lbs, material STAINLESS STEEL
● Minimum distance 13.8”
● Maximum distance 50”
● Suitable for two persons
● Long life due to use of sustainable materials
● Easy to install between openings and door frames

About Malta Dynamics

Established by Damian Lang, Malta Dynamics provides cutting-edge fall protection solutions for diverse industries. Initially a laborer mixing and carrying mortar to bricklayers on masonry job sites, Damian started his own masonry company in Ohio in 1984. As it grew, he needed better solutions to protect his workers. Safety training and equipping his team with the best equipment became a top priority in the company's early years. Eventually, Malta Dynamics was born from this focus on safety. With over three decades of hands-on experience in construction, aviation, manufacturing, warehousing, masonry, and more, Malta Dynamics designs, engineers, and manufactures an extensive line of fall protection and safety equipment tailored to meet the unique demands of each field. Malta Dynamics products meet OSHA requirements and incorporate innovative features attributed to industry feedback. With a steadfast commitment to safety and a wealth of hands-on expertise, Malta Dynamics delivers fall protection solutions engineered to safeguard workers in even the most demanding environments.

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