Super Anchor 6101H Deluxe Full Body Harness-Available in 5 Sizes

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year that the harness was inspected. The 3” wide elastic keepers keep all excess webbing stored and out of harms way, too. The side D-rings can also be stored in the special elastic storage compartments when not in use. All our Deluxe Harnessed are compatible with SAS Energy Absorbers and ExTender Lanyards for a wide range of connecting options.

  • Fully Padded Chest, Shoulder and Leg Straps
  • 3 D-Rings for Fall Arrest or Work Positioning
  • Fall Indicator Labels
  • English/Spanish Warning and Inspection Labels
  • Side D-Ring Elastic Storage
  • Tri-Lam3 Solid Core Padding
  • 16 Grommet Waist Belt
  • Quick Connect Leg and Chest Buckles
  • Heavy Duty Rear D-Ring Pad
  • 100% Black E-Coated Hardware
  • Fixed Position Chest Strap
  • Compatible with all SAS “All-Pakka” Tool Bags

5 sizes are offered to make sure that you get a harness that fits properly. Unlike other harnesses on the market, each size is made with a body frame specifically designed for the user. We worked very close with Roofing and Framing contractors throughout the design, research and development process to manufacture a harness that fit perfectly. Speaking to each size individually:

  • Small: Perfect for the smallest workers in the industry. This size is also popular with the women in the workforce
  • Medium: Our 2nd most popular size behind the Large. This is perfect for the thinner workers that top out at about 6’ tall
  • Large: The most popular size and what we consider to be the “Universal” size
  • Long-Large: this harness size is made with a longer waist belt for users with a larger mid-section (or as we like to say “those with more power in the mid-section”)
  • X-Large: for users up to 320 pounds and 6-7” tall. This is the largest size harness that we offer
Super Anchor 6101H Hi Viz Deluxe Harness

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