Super Anchor Super Grab Rope Grab #4015

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Super Anchor
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The Super Grab Prussic style rope grab device was developed as an alternative to mechanical rope grabs. The most reliable means of grabbing the lifeline and resisting slip is the prussic knot. It will maintain its grip on the lifeline even when wet or frozen, and it always remains flexible as it expands/contracts with the lifeline. Any subtle force exerted in the ascending or descending direction initiates the locking feature with only a few inches of slip under extreme force. The prussic resists snagging and will not scratch metal roofing surfaces.


This rope grab also allows workers to use the lifeline in reverse – the prussic is attached to the anchor point instead of the user and the other end of the lifeline attaches to the user’s harness/shock absorber.  This virtually eliminates the excess lifeline trailing behind the user.

Deluxe version features a heavy duty protective cover that will deform in the event of a free fall thus warning the user of impact loads.  Use of a carabiner is recommended for attachment.

Value version features a Z359, 3,600 pound gate strength carabiner swaged onto the grab thus providing a permanent connecting device.

  • Lightweight, non-mechanical rope grab device
  • For use on all 5/8” vertical lifelines
  • Non-metal design offers
  • Comes Preinstalled on our Deluxe Lifelines
  • Remains Flexible in any Weather condition
  • Trusted by Roofers for over 19 years
  • Complies with OSHA and ANSI Standards