Super Anchor 20' fixed HLLS w/ Hinge 3013 anchor + nail/screw pack #1321-US

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The 5-degree angle fixed length, factory engineered Horizontal Lifeline System is for use by 3 workers in fall restraint or 2 in fall arrest. This system is available in a 20’ kit with or without a carry bag. This 3rd party engineered horizontal line kit is a cost-effective way to have multiple workers on the roof with room to move freely. This kit includes our Metallic Energy Absorber with tension gauge and fall indicator. A 20’ lifeline will have a 5-degree total sag angle vs. the 30-degree sag angle found on #1323 Series.


Super Anchor Safety fixed length horizontal lifelines, when used with our specified anchorage devices provide an engineered system for rafter spacing of 10’ up to 20’. For accurate rigging, each fixed length horizontal lifeline is labeled for the correct rafter spacing.

  • 3rd Party Engineered 5-degree Angle HLL System
  • Temporary Installation on Flat or Pitched Surfaces
  • 2 person Fall Arrest or 3 person Fall Restraint
  • Factory Engineered 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’ and 20’ Replacement Lifelines Available
  • Heavy Duty Cargo Bag Available
  • Heavy Duty 3/8” Galvanized Cable rated for 14,000+ pounds
  • 4-page Instruction/Specification Manual Included
Super Anchor #1321-US  20' Fixed HLL with hinged anchors plus nail/screw pack

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