SSRA 100' Horizontal Lifeline Kit With 4 SSRA1 Anchors and 2 SSRA3 Anchor Plates

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Standing Seam Roof Anchor
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Introducing the SSRA HLL 100’ Horizontal Lifeline Kit: Unmatched Fall Protection for Standing Seam Roofs

Revolutionize your approach to fall protection with the SSRA HLL 100’ Horizontal Lifeline Kit, featuring the groundbreaking SSRA1 anchors. Designed to ensure the safety of workers on standing seam roofs, this innovative kit provides unparalleled strength, versatility, and peace of mind. Let's explore the features and benefits that make the SSRA HLL 100’ Horizontal Lifeline Kit the ultimate solution for roofing contractors.


Non-Penetrating Innovation with SSRA1 Anchors

At the heart of the system lies the SSRA1 anchor, a revolutionary product that transforms fall protection on standing seam roofs. Its state-of-the-art engineering and patented non-penetrating design set it apart from the competition, offering a secure anchorage attachment without damaging the roof. The SSRA1 minimizes installation time and ensures the longevity of the roof system.

Versatile Deployment with SSRA3 Anchor Plates

The SSRA1 anchors form the foundation for the SSRA HLL 100’ Horizontal Lifeline Kit when combined with SSRA3 Anchor Plates. This unique combination creates a rock-solid mounting platform for the Malta Dynamics 100’ Kernmantle horizontal lifeline rope. The kit's ability to deploy temporary horizontal lifelines without causing damage is a game-changer, ensuring the preservation of the roof system.

Game-Changing Fall Protection Technology

The SSRA Component System is a true game-changer in fall protection. The SSRA1's innovative non-penetrating design is a significant advancement in roof safety equipment, providing unmatched security and peace of mind for workers at height. Rigorously tested and approved to meet the highest safety standards, the SSRA1 is easy to install, cost-effective, and ensures worker safety.

Undergoing rigorous Ultimate Failure testing, the SSRA1 showcased unparalleled strength by withstanding an astonishing 14,500 lbs of load—far beyond the OSHA and ANSI maximum of 5,000 lbs. Its Grade 8 top bolts sheared under immense pressure, leaving the aluminum anchor body unscathed. This exceptional performance is a testament to the SSRA1's durability and reliability.

Patented Structural Design: Stability and Safety

Crafted from solid 6061-T6 aluminum and featuring 12 stainless steel set screws, the SSRA1's patented structural design ensures exceptional strength. Six pairs of opposing set screws prevent sliding during impacts, offering stability and preventing movement. This load dispersal design also requires lower torque on the seam, protecting the roof system from damage.

Compatible with 95% of today's panel profiles, the SSRA system caters to both 22 and 24 gauge panels. The inclusion of Cupped Tip and Nylon Tip set screws provides flexibility, allowing for seamless integration with various roof structures.

Versatility and Lightness: Adaptable to Any Project

Weighing only 4.5 lbs, the SSRA1 is the world's lightest OSHA 5,000 lbs certified anchor. Its universal fit design works on over 500 standing seam panel profiles, offering a versatile solution for different roofing structures and projects.

The installation process for the SSRA1 and SSRA3 Anchor Plates is straightforward, requiring only basic hand tools and minimal effort. Whether for temporary or permanent attachment, this versatile product provides seamless installation. Backed by the Lifetime Life Saving Warranty, the SSRA HLL 100’ Horizontal Lifeline Kit ensures long-term peace of mind and a lifetime guarantee.

Corrosion-Resistant and Low-Profile: Safe and Aesthetic

Featuring non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel components, the SSRA HLL 100’ Horizontal Lifeline Kit can be powder-coated to match roofs for permanent installations. Its low-profile attachment minimizes tripping hazards and remains unobtrusive on permanent attachments.

The SSRA1 is OSHA tested to 5,000 lbs in ALL directions of pull, and the SSRA3 Anchor Plate is tested to 10,000 lbs of pull. This certified component system allows workers to access both sides of the roof without repositioning the anchor, adapting to various projects and configurations.

Included in the SSRA 100' Horizontal Lifeline Kit: Comprehensive Safety Solution

The SSRA1 anchors are integral to the SSRA 100' Horizontal Lifeline Kit, offering a comprehensive solution for fall protection. The kit includes:

  • Four Standing Seam Roof Anchors (SSRA1)
  • Two Anchor Plates (SSRA3)
  • Malta HL3001 4 Man 100' Horizontal Lifeline Kit
  • Line Tensioner
  • Two Carabiners
  • Four O-rings
  • Two 6' Cross Arm Straps
  • Storage Bag

Conclusion: Unparalleled Safety with SSRA1 Anchors and SSRA 100' Lifeline Kit

In conclusion, the SSRA1 anchors and SSRA HLL 100’ Horizontal Lifeline Kit redefine fall protection on standing seam roofs. Offering unparalleled strength, a patented design compatible with various panel profiles, and the ability to deploy temporary horizontal lifelines without causing damage, this kit ensures a safer working environment. The SSRA1 anchors and the innovative technology of the SSRA HLL 100’ Horizontal Lifeline Kit make them essential additions to any fall protection system, providing reliable protection for those working at heights on standing seam roofs. Elevate safety standards and invest in a solution that prioritizes well-being and security.


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