Malta HLL3001 100' 4 Man Horizontal Lifeline Kit with Kernmantle Rope

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Malta Dynamics
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Working at heights demands unwavering safety. Introducing the Malta Dynamics HLL3001, your OSHA-compliant horizontal lifeline system engineered to empower 4 workers simultaneously. This isn't just fall protection; it's peace of mind.


Unmatched Versatility:

Spacious Coverage: Tackle projects large and small with a 100-foot lifeline.

Adaptable Anchoring: Cross-arm straps provide diverse anchorage options.

Temporary or Permanent: Enjoy the flexibility of quick setup and disassembly or permanent installation.

Built to Endure, Built to Protect:

Unbreakable Strength: The lifeline boasts a 5,620 lbs minimum breaking strength, exceeding industry standards.

Corrosion-Resistant: Weatherproof materials ensure long-lasting performance.

High-Vis Green Rope: Enhanced visibility prioritizes safety on the jobsite.

Convenience Meets Efficiency:

 Effortless Assembly: Set up and dismantle in minutes with the included tensioning device and wrench.

Lightweight Champion: Weighing only 22.9 lbs, portability is effortless.

All-Inclusive Kit: Everything you need is packed and ready, eliminating additional purchases.

Safety Beyond Compliance:

 Exceeds OSHA Requirements: The HLL3001 doesn't just meet regulations; it surpasses them with a 4-person capacity.

Double-Braided Kernmantle Rope: Experience exceptional strength and durability.

High-Quality Components: From corrosion-resistant carabiners to the sturdy tensioner, every detail prioritizes safety.

Investing in the HLL3001 is investing in:

Worker wellbeing: Protect your team and foster a culture of safety.

Increased productivity: Minimize downtime with swift setup and portability.

Peace of mind: Knowing your crew is secured at all times, allowing you to focus on the job.

Don't compromise on safety. Choose the Malta Dynamics HLL3001 and empower your team to conquer heights with confidence.

● Includes Connected Tensioning Wrench
● Highly Corrosion Resistant Tensioner
● O-Ring Material: Steel
● Lifeline Material: 5/8” Double-Braided Kermantle Rope
● Connector Material: Steel
● Bag Dimensions: 17” L x 10” W x 12” H
● Product Weight: 22.9 lbs.
● Connected Tensioning Wrench
● Two Self-Locking Carabiners
● Two 6’ Cross Arm Straps
● 100’ High-Strength Rope
● Worker Weight Capacity Range: 130-310 lbs.
● Protection for Up to Four Workers
● Install and Remove in Minutes
● Requires No Special Tools
● Entire Lifeline System Fits in Included Bag
● Minimum Breaking Strength: 5,620 lbs.

Instruction Manual

Spec Sheet