Fall Protection For AWIP SR2 Standing Seam Panels

Fall Protection For AWIP SR2 Standing Seam Panels

Posted by Howie Scarboro - CEO Fall Protection Distributors, LLC on Jul 8th 2024

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Who Is All Weather Insulated Panels (AWIP)?

All Weather Insulated Panels (AWIP) is a leader in developing and advancing foam composite insulated metal panels. The company addresses energy, environmental, and economic issues in North America. AWIP operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Vacaville, CA, Little Rock, AR, and East Stroudsburg, PA. Since its inception, AWIP has provided energy-efficient building solutions that contribute to a zero-emissions future.

AWIP has succeeded due to its dedication to customers, employees, and the environment. The company values its technical expertise and resourcefulness, working closely with clients throughout their project lifecycles. By listening to and respecting customers' needs, AWIP ensures that projects run smoothly, offering innovative products and services that add value from design to installation.

The company operates on core values such as accountability, courage, innovation, teamwork, and integrity. AWIP takes responsibility for achieving business goals, empowers its team to make difficult decisions and lead change, encourages innovation, and fosters a supportive, reliable, and trustworthy environment. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint and promote responsible resource use.

What Is The Most Compatible Fall Protection for AWIP Standing Seam Roofs?

This article educates workers, contractors, and building owners about the most effective fall protection solutions for AWIP's SR2 standing seam roof panels. Proper fall protection is essential to maintaining a safe work site when working on these roofing systems. Fall protection anchors compatible with the roofing panels' unique design and material properties are essential. In the following sections, we will explore specific fall protection strategies and recommend products to ensure comprehensive safety while working on AWIP's high-quality roofing systems.

SR2 Standing Seam Roof Panel

AWIP SR2 standing seam panel image. Image courtesy of www.awipanels.com.

The SR2 standing seam roof panel from AWIP offers the classic look of a metal standing seam roof combined with the advantages of an insulated metal panel. This panel features a field-seamed, hidden fastener joinery system, which enhances its architectural appeal and provides maximum protection against the elements. The SR2 panel has various finishes, including smooth, embossed, lightly planked, or Mesa rib. It is constructed from 22-gauge, 24-gauge, or 26-gauge G90 galvanized or AZ50 Galvalume steel.

The SR2 panels are weathertight, making them suitable for retrofit and new construction applications. This composite panel simplifies design to reduce cost by integrating the exterior aesthetic, weather barrier, insulation, and vapor barrier into a single component. The SR2 panel comes in standard widths of 40" and lengths ranging from 8' to 50'.

Fall Protection For SR2 Panels

It is crucial to prioritize worker safety during the installation and maintenance of SR2 panels. The Standing Seam Roof Anchor fall protection products suggested depend on the panels' materials. We recommend SSRA products for 22-gauge and 24-gauge steel versions. At the same time, the Ridge Pro is suitable for other substrates and steel gauges.

The  Standing Seam Roof Anchor (SSRA1) is a perfect fit for the steel versions of SR2 panels. This anchor securely attaches to the standing seam without penetrating the roof, preserving the panels' integrity. It provides a reliable anchorage point for fall protection equipment, ensuring workers can safely perform their tasks on the roof. The SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jack Adapters mount on top of the SSRA1 seam anchors to support 10' walkboards without roof penetrations. This adapter offers adjustable height options for different seam heights, enhancing worker safety and flexibility during installation and maintenance activities.

For SR2 panels made from other substrates and steel gauges, the  Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor is the recommended fall protection solution. This anchor hooks over the ridge, creating a secure anchorage point and ensuring workers remain 100% tied off while navigating steep slopes. This system is handy for roofs with pitches ranging from 6/12 to 12/12, providing stability and safety during high-risk tasks.

Contractors can use these recommended fall protection systems to ensure safe and efficient work on SR2 panel installations.

These measures protect workers and preserve the structural integrity and performance of the panels, creating a secure working environment while upholding the high standards of AWIP's standing seam panels.

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For project inquiries, call 863-703-4522 or visit our website at  www.StandingSeamRoofAnchor.com. For detailed fall protection guidelines, refer to OSHA's extensive 48-page manual.

AWIP SR2 panels installed on a building. Image courtesy of www.awipanels.com.

Best Practices for Fall Protection on Standing Seam Roofs

Proper Footwear

Ensure workers wear non-slip shoes designed for smooth metal roof systems and avoid working on wet roofs to improve stability and reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Standing Seam Anchors

Use non-penetrating roof anchor systems specifically designed for standing seam roofs. Follow the manufacturer's proper sizing and installation guidelines to ensure accurate seam placement and torque settings. Avoid anchors that require attachment over clips, as locating clips on existing roofs can be challenging and unsafe.

Trauma Strap Integration

Train workers on properly using trauma straps on their harnesses and provide regular instruction on their importance. Trauma straps are essential for preventing severe injuries or fatalities after a fall by reducing suspension trauma.

Low-Slope Fall Protection

Establish secure work zones by implementing guardrails, warning lines, or other barriers on low-slope roofs. These measures create safe areas and reduce the risk of accidents.

Invest In High-Quality Equipment

Equip workers with top-tier full-body harnesses and shock-absorbing lanyards. These tools significantly reduce the impact load during falls, minimizing the risk of severe injuries or fatalities.

OSHA Safety Plans

Develop an OSHA-compliant safety plan before starting any roofing project. This plan should include a detailed rescue strategy to protect workers in case of an accident. Thorough planning ensures that all necessary safety measures are in place.

Permanent Anchor Systems

Install permanent roof anchor systems to provide secure anchorage points for future roof work and inspections. Permanent systems enhance long-term safety and simplify ongoing maintenance.

Curved Panel Precautions

For curved roof systems, a trained safety professional should conduct site inspections to develop a comprehensive safety strategy tailored to the unique challenges of curved surfaces.

Safe Ladder Setup

To minimize fall risks, correctly set up ladders and scaffolding and ensure they are obstacle-free. Provide comprehensive OSHA-compliant ladder training for workers and adhere to the 4-1 rule for ladder positioning to ensure stability and safety.

Equipment Inspections

Encourage regular inspections of all safety equipment and continuous training sessions to maintain high safety standards and significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

By following these best practices, you can create a safer working environment for your team and uphold the integrity of your standing seam roofing systems.

Howie Scarboro, C.E.O. and co-founder of Fall Protection Distributors, L.L.C., recognized the need for continued improvements in roofing safety during the 2010 MetalCon show in Las Vegas. He joined forces with SnoBlox-Snojax, a leader in snow retention and seam clamping technology for metal roofs, to create the SSRA1 prototype. Tested by Gravitec for OSHA/ANSI certifications, the SSRA1 proved to be the industry's lightest, most robust, and most universal-fit anchor point for standing seam roofs. Fall Protection Distributors, L.L.C. was born in 2015, shaping the future of fall protection and instilling confidence in the industry.