SSRA1 Anchor

SSRA1 Anchor

Posted by Howie Scarboro - CEO Fall Protection Distributors, LLC on Oct 7th 2022

Because they are simpler to install and repair than flat roofs, seam roofs are becoming increasingly popular. They also provide greater insulation and resistance from the elements. To safely access this roof, you'll need a specific kind of anchor, however.

The SSRA1 Standing Seam Roof Anchor from Fall Protection Distributors is a game-changing product that enables homeowners, building owners, and contractors to work safely on standing seam roofs without damaging the panels. This safe anchorage attachment is perfect for anyone working on or around a standing seam roof.

This Standing Seam Anchor is a model that can be used on any roof, made of durable stainless steel hardware that can withstand the elements and provides a secure hold. The SSRA1 only needs to be installed once every five years.

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Why Are Standing Seam Roofs Different?

Standing seam roofs are more wind and water-resistant than typical flat roofs. They also have increased insulation against drastic changes in temperature. Despite these advantages, their unique design means that a different anchor is required for every kind of standing seam roof when installing and working on them.

The SSRA1 from Fall Protection Distributors is a one size fits all model that can be installed on any roof, making it unique in the roofing industry. It is made of durable stainless steel components that can withstand the elements and provides a secure hold for working on metal standing seam roofs. The anchor also only needs to be installed once every five years.

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What Makes the SSRA1 Standing Seam Roof Anchor Model Unique?

We put the SSRA1 model through Ultimate Failure testing at a certified materials testing lab, and it passed with ease. Our competition was also impressed with its performance. OSHA and ANSI mandate that maximum load capacity is 5,000 pounds, but the SSRA1 was successfully tested at 14,500 pounds of force. During the experiment, when the Grade 8 top bolts sheared, surprisingly, the anchor body wasn't damaged or bent in any way! This strength is due to its unique structural design. There's simply no other product like it on the market!

This gadget is a life-saver that has a one-of-a-kind, noninvasive design. Unlike anything else available, it comes with a solid 6061 -T6 aluminum body and 12 stainless steel set screws as part of the standard setup. Also included in the single-user attachment is a 5,000 lbs certified D-ring . The product arrives preassembled as a secure anchor for one person that is easy to use.The advantage of this compression-type anchor with bolts that squeeze the seam between the metal plates is that it doesn't allow the equipment to move when subjected to forces, as set screws and inferior compression designs do. It also does not damage the roof panels as set screws do.

SSRA1 anchor attached to a standing seam roof.

What Are The Advantages Of The SSRA1 Standing Seam Roof Anchor?

The SSRA1 Standing Seam Roof Anchor has several advantages over other roof anchors. The SSRA1 standing seam roof anchor is the world's lightest OSHA 5,000 certified anchor, weighing only 4.5 pounds. This allows you to use it whether you need a temporary or permanent attachment solution. This product will accommodate both temporary and permanent attachments.

The one-piece design fits on more than 500 Standing Seam Panel Profiles, and there is no need for reassembly! T-seams, bulb seams, SnapLok, single lok, and double lok MR-24 are just a few of the profiles it supports. In reality, no other anchor fits as many profiles.

Chart showing compatible roof seams for the SSRA1 anchor.

Our non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel parts will not corrode under the scrutiny of the ASTM B-117 Salt Spray test. We can even powder-coat your standing seam roof anchor to match the color of your roof for a permanent installation.

This product is also backed by a Lifetime Life-Saving Warranty because it is made in the USA. The sleek, low-profile design of this anchor when attaching to the seam not only prevents trip hazards but is less noticeable on permanent attachments.

This roof anchor has been safety tested and proven to withstand up to 5,000 lbs of force from any direction. Additionally, workers can easily access both sides of the roof without having to reposition the anchor. For additional peace of mind, you can review the fall protection test report on our website.

The only guaranteed component system for attaching just about anything to a standing seam roof. The adaptable mount allows you to attach equipment from various fall protection companies. Using this product, you may attach roof jacks, walk boards, SRLs, horizontal lifelines, ladder anchors, and other items. For optimum performance, you'll need a torque wrench with a downrange reading up to in/lbs and a 3/16" hex bit socket for proper installation.

SSRA1 anchor end view showing shape of body.

What's Included When You Buy A SSRA1 Standing Seam Roof Anchor?

When buying a SSRA1 anchor, you can expect the following:

-6061-T6 Aluminum Body for a universal fit design

-5,000 lbs. certified D-Ring

-12 cupped tipped screws that are 3/16" hex/Allen bit compatible

-3/16" hex/Allen bit

-Lifetime Life-Saving Warranty included

-The owner's Manual also included

Roofer using an SSRA1 anchor on a standing seam metal roof.

If you only want to use your anchor once or twice and then take it down, Fall Protection Distributors recommends using Nylon Tipped Set Screws because the standing seam metal roof panels are less likely to be harmed.

More About Fall Protection Distributors

With over 30 years of expertise in the business, Fall Protection Distributors is a major supplier of fall protection equipment. Our aim is to provide our customers with high-quality fall protection products and services at reasonable prices, which we are pleased to do. We offer a comprehensive range of OSHA-certified fall prevention products from some of the industry's top manufacturers.

Howie Scarboro, C.E.O. and co-founder of Fall Protection Distributors, L.L.C., recognized the need for continued improvements in roofing safety during the 2010 MetalCon show in Las Vegas. He joined forces with SnoBlox-Snojax, a leader in snow retention and seam clamping technology for metal roofs, to create the SSRA1 prototype. Tested by Gravitec for OSHA/ANSI certifications, the SSRA1 proved to be the industry's lightest, most robust, and most universal-fit anchor point for standing seam roofs. Fall Protection Distributors, L.L.C. was born in 2015, shaping the future of fall protection and instilling confidence in the industry.