Fall Protection For AEP Span Roof Systems

Fall Protection For AEP Span Roof Systems

Posted by Howie Scarboro - CEO Fall Protection Distributors, LLC on Mar 20th 2024

AEP Span standing seam panel profiles.

AEP Standing Seam Require Special Anchors 

In the world of construction and roofing, safety is paramount. One of the critical aspects of ensuring safety, especially when working on standing seam roofs, is the use of reliable roof anchors. For those utilizing AEP Span Roof Systems, integrating standing seam roof anchors is a must. The challenge is how contractors provide reliable, non-penetrating fall protection anchor points to standing seam roof systems that prohibit any penetrations through the seams or flats.

In this blog post, we'll explore the SSRA1 Seam Anchors, SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks, SSRA3 Anchor Plates, and the innovative Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchors, highlighting their functionality and importance in providing a safe work environment on AEP Span standing seam roofs.

AEP Span Compatible Standing Seam Panels

The Standing Seam Roof Anchor SSRA1 and its adapter plates are compatible with the 24 gauge and 22 gauge steel versions of the following panels from AEP Span.

AEP Span Design Span standing seam panel.

AEP Span Span Lok standing seam panel.

AEP Span SpanSeam standing seam panel.

Older AEP seams such as the MultiLok-24, Skyline, Skyline HP, Snap Seam, Sterling Roof System, and the High Seam are all compatible with the SSRA1 Seam Anchors, SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks, SSRA3 Anchor Plates, and the Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor.   

Introduction to Standing Seam Roof Anchors

Standing seam roofs are popular due to their durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal. However, working on these roofs can pose significant safety risks, primarily due to their slick surfaces and limited anchor attachment options. For these reasons, the Standing Seam Roof Anchors meet the needs of contractors working on standing seam roof systems. They provide secure, non-penetrating anchor points to attach safety equipment, ensuring workers are safe while performing their duties.

SSRA1 Seam Anchors

The SSRA1 Seam Anchor is a popular choice for those who need a reliable, easy-to-install anchor point. Its one-piece body design allows it to clamp onto the seam of about 95% of today's standing seam roof panels without penetrating the metal, preserving the integrity and warranty of the roof. No other product in the industry matches the loading strength generated by the six pairs of stainless-steel set screws. The installation is straightforward, requiring essential hand tools, making it a convenient choice for rapid deployment.

Typical installation takes about 2 minutes, and removal takes about 1 minute.

Key features of the SSRA1 Seam Anchor include:

Non-Penetrating Design:

SSRA1 preserves the integrity of the roof system and warranty.

Universal Fit:

Compatible with 95% of today's standing seam panels. One simple, patented device fits nearly every standing seam in the field, so purchasing multiple devices to accommodate different seams is unnecessary.


Third-party, independent material testing labs have tested the SSRA1 devices to OSHA and ANSI standards. SSRA1 is the only device in the industry to use twelve set screws to generate maximum gripping strength on the seam.

Durable Construction:

The SSRA1 Anchors are custom extruded from T6-6061 aluminum with non-corrosive premium fasteners and connectors.

Lifetime Warranty:

We trust the SSRA1 Seam Anchor will outlast any worker or roof system. Therefore, they are guaranteed to be defect-free for the purchaser's lifetime.

SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks

The SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks are the go-to solution for versatility and adaptability. One pair of SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks sits on top of SSRA1 Seam Anchors and provides a secure mounting platform for a 10' walk board on a standing seam roof. The SSRA2 Roof Jacks adjust to various seam heights, widths, and shapes, making them suitable for a wide range of standing seam roof types. The adjustability ensures a secure and stable fit, essential for maintaining a safe work platform on steep-pitched roofs.

Standing Seam Roof Anchor SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks.

Highlights of the SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jack include:

Adjustable Design:

The SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jack adapters fit a variety of seam heights, spacings, and profiles.

Easy Installation:

Quick setup with minimal tools required. Mounts on top of the SSRA1 Seam Anchors.

Robust Material:

The SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks are engineered and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions for a lifetime of service.

Versatile Use: 

Suitable for temporary or permanent installations.

SSRA3 Anchor Plates

The SSRA3 Anchor Plates allow for the attachment of horizontal lifelines to standing seam roofs with zero penetrations. They offer a secure point for lifeline systems, crucial for workers' mobility and safety while working on large roof areas. The  SSRA3 Anchor Plates distribute the load evenly across multiple seams, minimizing the risk of seam damage.

SSRA3 Anchor Plates for horizontal lifeline attachment to standing seam roofs.

Features of the SSRA3 Anchor Plates:

Even Load Distribution: 

Reduces the risk of damage to the roof.

Compatibility with Lifelines:

Ideal for comprehensive safety systems, the SSRA HLL systems allow two workers to be on the line at a time. Additional SSRA1 Anchors can be placed along the HLL to enable workers to clip off the HLL onto fixed anchor points when lateral mobility is not required.

Structural Strength:

Ensures a lifetime of service, durability, and longevity.

Simple Installation: 

It can be quickly and securely attached to the seams in a few minutes, requiring zero penetrations.

Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchors

The Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchors represent a significant advancement in roof safety. They are compatible with all AEP Span roof systems with pitches ranging from 7-12 to 12/12. This innovative product ensures 100% tie-off to the roof, providing unmatched safety from the moment a worker transitions from the ladder to the roof until they return safely to the ladder.

Ridge Pro being used for fall protection on a shingle roof.

Key benefits of the Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor include:

100% Tie-Off: 

The worker maintains continuous safety attachment from the ladder to the roof and back.


It perfectly fits AEP Span roof systems with a wide range of pitches.

Ease of Use:

Designed for quick setup and use, it enhances work efficiency and safety.

Versatile Application:

Suitable for various roofing tasks, providing flexibility for workers.

Importance of Using Quality Roof Anchors

The use of high-quality roof anchors like the SSRA1 Seam Anchor, SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks, SSRA3 Anchor Plates, and the  Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor is essential for several reasons:

Worker Safety:

These anchors provide secure points for safety harnesses and lines, preventing falls and injuries.

Compliance with Safety Regulations:

They help in adhering to OSHA and other safety standards.

Roof Integrity:

Non-penetrative anchors maintain the roof's integrity, avoiding leaks or damage.


Quality anchors enhance work efficiency by providing safe, reliable, easy-to-use attachment points.

Installation and Usage Tips

Proper installation is critical to the effectiveness of these anchors. Some tips include:

Follow the Manufacturer's Instructions:

Always adhere to installation and usage guidelines.

Regular Inspection:

Inspect the anchors and all equipment regularly for wear or damage.

Proper Training:

Project managers or OSHA Competent Persons should train authorized users on all equipment installation and removal procedures.

Use Compatible Equipment:

Only use safety equipment and connectors compatible with these anchors.


Integrating SSRA1 Seam Anchors, SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks, SSRA3 Anchor Plates, and Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchors in AEP Span Roof Systems is vital in enhancing roof work safety. These products offer reliability and ease of use and are critical for adhering to safety standards while preserving the roof's integrity.

By choosing the right equipment and following proper safety procedures, we can significantly reduce the risks of working at heights and ensure a safer work environment for everyone involved.

Safety on roofing projects is not just about compliance; it's about the commitment to ensuring every worker returns home safely each day. Integrating these advanced anchoring systems in your roofing projects boosts workers' confidence and showcases a commitment to best safety practices. Whether dealing with steep slopes or everyday roofing challenges, these anchors provide the necessary support and reliability in the demanding world of roofing and construction.

Let's discuss your fall protection plan for your metal roof project. Call 863-703-4522 or visit www.StandingSeamRoofAnchor.com to learn more.  Fall Protection Distributors offer several inspection forms, hazard assessments, and a free 48 page Fall Protection manual on our  Resources Page.   

Rapid Fire Q&A – Fall Protection for AEP Span Roof Systems

What are the key benefits of using SSRA1 Seam Anchors on AEP Span Roof Systems?

The SSRA1 Seam Anchors are explicitly designed for numerous AEP Span standing seam roofs, offering several benefits. Firstly, they have a non-penetrating design, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity and warranty of your AEP Span Roof System. They're universally compatible with most standing seam designs, ensuring a broad application range. They boast a high strength capacity for enhanced safety and are made from corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The following AEP Span panels are compatible with all these products: Design Span HP, Span Lok, SpanSeam, MultiLok-24, Skyline, Skyline HP, Snap Seam, Sterling Roof System, and the High Seam.

How do SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks enhance safety on steep sloped roofs?

SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks are essential for working safely on various standing seam roof profiles, especially those with steep slopes. Their adjustability allows them to fit a wide range of seam spacings, shapes, and heights, ensuring a secure and stable fit. This stability is vital for worker safety on sloped surfaces. The easy installation and robust material of the SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks make them ideal for both temporary and permanent installations on AEP Span Roof Systems.

Can SSRA3 Anchor Plates be used for horizontal lifeline systems on most standing seam roofs?

SSRA3 Anchor Plates are designed for versatility and compatibility with horizontal lifelines, making them suitable for a wide array of standing seam roofs. Their even load distribution minimizes the risk of seam damage, which is particularly important for the integrity of AEP Span Roof Systems. They are built strong for durability and can be quickly and securely attached to the seams, providing a reliable point for safety systems.

What makes the Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchors unique for AEP Span Roof Systems?

The Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchors stand out for their ability to provide 100% tie-off on roofs with pitches ranging from 7-12 to 12–12. This feature is crucial for AEP Span Roof Systems, especially when dealing with steep slopes. They ensure continuous safety attachment from the ladder to the roof and back, a significant advancement in roof safety technology. Their compatibility with a wide range of pitches and ease of use make them an excellent addition to roofing safety equipment.

How do these roofing anchors comply with OSHA regulations?

The SSRA1, SSRA2, SSRA3, and Ridge Pro devices meet or exceed OSHA standards for fall protection. They provide secure points for attaching safety harnesses and lines, ensuring worker safety at heights. Regular inspections and adherence to installation guidelines further align with OSHA's regulations, making these anchors compliant and reliable for safety on AEP Span Roof Systems.

Are these anchor systems easy to install?

One key advantage of these anchor systems is their ease of installation. The SSRA1, SSRA2, SSRA3 anchors and the  Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchors are designed for quick and straightforward installation, requiring minimal tools. This simplicity ensures they can be rapidly deployed on AEP Span Roof Systems, enhancing work efficiency without compromising safety. The typical installation time for the SSRA1 Seam Anchor is around two minutes.

Can the anchors be used for both temporary and permanent applications?

These anchors are versatile for temporary and permanent applications on most AEP standing seam roofs. For example, the  SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks are ideal for temporary installations due to their adjustability. At the same time, the SSRA1 Seam Anchors and SSRA3 Anchor Plates are suitable for longer-term use due to their durable construction and secure attachment.

What should workers know before using these products?

Proper training is essential for anyone using these roof anchor systems. Employers should ensure that workers receive training in the appropriate installation and usage of the anchors and in roof safety and fall protection best practices. Understanding the importance of regular inspections and equipment maintenance is also crucial. This training ensures that all safety protocols are adhered to, maximizing the effectiveness of the anchor systems on AEP Span Roof Systems.