Innovative Fall Protection and Roofing Products

Innovative Fall Protection and Roofing Products

Posted by Howie Scarboro - CEO Fall Protection Distributors, LLC on Mar 18th 2024

Metal Roof Safety Devices and Tools

In today's fast-paced world, innovation is the key to progress. This holds true in every industry, including  fall protection. With advancements in technology, we now have access to groundbreaking solutions that ensure the safety of workers on standing seam roofs. It's time to bid farewell to outdated and inefficient fall protection products and embrace the future of safety.

As we delve into the world of innovative fall protection, we will explore three remarkable product lines that are transforming the way we approach safety on standing seam roofs. These cutting-edge solutions not only provide unparalleled protection but also offer versatility, flexibility, and ease of use. Let's embark on this journey and discover the future of fall protection.

Roof Clamp RC and RCT - Unlocking New Possibilities

The Roof Clamp RC and RCT are revolutionizing the industry by enabling contractors to attach equipment to standing seam roofs without the need for penetrations. With their ingenious design and secure grip, these clamps provide unparalleled strength and stability. Whether it's installing solar panels, HVAC systems, or signage, the Roof Clamp RC and RCT offer a versatile solution that protects the integrity of the roof while ensuring worker safety.

RoofClamp RC and RCT spec sheet.

RoofClamp RC: 

The RoofClamp RC is specifically designed to fit about 90% of the seams that are commonly encountered in today's roofing installations. This version of the device offers a reliable and secure clamping solution for a wide range of seam types. One of the advantages of the RC is its affordability, making it a cost-effective choice for many roofing professionals.

Roofclamp RC compatibility chart.

RoofClamp RCT: 

On the other hand, the RoofClamp RCT is specifically designed to fit about 95% of today's standing seams. It is engineered to accommodate all seams that the RC fits PLUS wider T-seams and larger bulb seams, which are commonly found in certain roofing applications. The RCT provides a secure and robust clamping solution for these specific seam types, ensuring a tight and durable connection.

By offering two different versions, RoofClamp aims to provide roofing professionals with options that fit the majority of seam types encountered in the industry. Whether you are working with standard seams or specialized T-seams and larger bulb seams, there is a RoofClamp device designed to meet your specific needs.

Both the RC and RCT versions of the RoofClamp device are built with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their reliability and performance. So, regardless of the version you choose, you can trust that the RoofClamp device will provide a dependable clamping solution for your roofing projects.

RoofClamp RCT compatibility chart.

Ridge Pro Steep Assist Device - Conquering Challenges

When it comes to working on steep roofs, safety is paramount. The classic challenge for roofers has always been establishing an anchor point to work from while not exposing themselves to additional risk of falling. That's where the  Ridge Pro Steep Assist Device comes in. This innovative fall protection product allows workers to be tied off 100% of the time while on the roof. From the ladder, to the peak of the roof, until they are safely back to the ladder. With its advanced design and multiple bundle options, the Ridge Pro steep assist anchor is a game-changer in the industry.

One of the key advantages of the Ridge Pro is its ability to affix a secure attachment point at the roof peak while the worker remains safely on the ladder. This ensures safe ascent and descent, giving workers the peace of mind they need to focus on their tasks. Unlike other steep assist anchors that lack tie-offs, the Ridge Pro prioritizes safety by allowing continuous connection to a lifeline that extends from the peak of the roof down to the ladder.

To cater to different needs and preferences, the Ridge Pro is available in three comprehensive bundles: the "Hook Only" Bundle, the "Hook and Rope" Bundle, and the "Hook, Rope, and Harness" Bundle.

Roofer using a RidgePro steep assist anchor for fall protection.

Hook Only Bundle

The "Hook Only" Bundle is perfect for users who already possess compatible lifelines and harnesses, or simply prefer to purchase them separately. This bundle includes the core component of the Ridge Pro system - the adjustable pitch hook itself, which provides a secure fall protection anchor point at the roof peak for safe access.

Hook and Rope Bundle

For users seeking a more complete solution, the "Hook and Rope" Bundle is the ideal choice. This bundle includes the Ridge Pro Hook and a 50' C7050 Vertical Lifeline from Malta Dynamics. The lifeline features a shock-absorbing lanyard and rope grab, enhancing safety during ascent and descent while ensuring continuous tie-off.

Hook, Rope, and Harness Bundle

For those requiring a comprehensive fall protection system, the  "Hook, Rope, and Harness" Bundle is the ultimate option. This bundle includes the Ridge Pro Hook, the 50' Vertical Lifeline from Malta Dynamics, and the Universal Fit Harness. The harness is designed for comfort and security, providing proper weight distribution and minimizing the risk of falls.

With these three Ridge Pro bundles, users have the flexibility to choose the option that best suits their specific requirements. Whether they need just the hook or a complete fall protection system, the Ridge Pro delivers unparalleled safety and peace of mind during roof-related tasks.

In conclusion, the Ridge Pro Steep Assist Device is a game-changer in the industry, revolutionizing fall protection on steep roofs. Its ability to ensure workers are tied off 100% of the time, combined with the convenience of three comprehensive bundles, makes it a must-have for any roofing professional. Invest in the Ridge Pro today and experience the ultimate in safety and efficiency during roof access. The Ridge Pro device was recently compared to other similar products and proves to be the most cost effective, lightest, and versatile option in the industry.

Standing Seam Roof Anchor SSRA1 and Adapters - Unmatched Versatility

For standing seam projects that require anchors, walkboards, or temporary horizontal lifelines, the Standing Seam Roof Anchor SSRA1, along with its corresponding adapters, the SSRA2 and SSRA3, offers unmatched versatility.

SSRA1 Anchor-The Backbone Of The System

The Standing Seam Roof Anchor SSRA1 is a groundbreaking product that revolutionizes fall protection anchorage attachment on standing seam roofs. With its innovative non-penetrating design, homeowners, building owners, and contractors can now work safely on standing seam roofs without the need to penetrate the panels.

The SSRA1 has undergone rigorous Ultimate Failure testing at an independent ISO 17025/ANSI Z359.18 certified materials testing facility, surpassing both our expectations and our competitor's strength. While the maximum testing protocol for OSHA and ANSI is 5,000 lbs, the SSRA1 withstood an incredible load of 14,500 lbs. The test concluded when the Grade 8 top bolts sheared, leaving the aluminum anchor body completely unharmed and unbent. This exceptional strength is attributed to the patented structural design of the anchor body, placing the SSRA1 in a class of its own.

Standing Seam Roof Anchor SSRA1.

The SSRA1 features a solid 6061-T6 aluminum body with 12 stainless steel set screws, ensuring durability and reliability. The standard assembly includes a certified 5,000 lbs d-ring for single-man attachment, providing a secure connection during work. This life-saving device arrives ready to use as a single seam, single-user anchor, offering convenience and ease of installation.

One of the key advantages of the SSRA1 is its set screw attachment, which outperforms compression type anchors that rely on bolts to squeeze the seam between metal plates. The set screws effectively prevent the device from sliding during impacts, offering superior stability and safety. This feature sets the SSRA1 apart from weaker compression designs and ensures the anchor remains securely in place, even under demanding conditions.

By utilizing the SSRA Anchors, users can confidently work on standing seam roofs while maintaining the integrity of the panels. The non-penetrating design, combined with the exceptional strength and stability of the SSRA1, provides unparalleled safety and peace of mind. Whether you are a homeowner, building owner, or contractor, the SSRA Anchors offer a reliable and innovative solution for fall protection anchorage on standing seam roofs.

SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jack Adapters

The SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks are an essential tool for enhancing safety and efficiency on standing seam roofs. Crafted with precision from durable 6061-T6 aluminum and stainless steel hardware, these adapters ensure a secure fit on over 500 different standing seam roof panels, covering approximately 95% of today's profiles. By mounting each SSRA Roof Jack on top of a SSRA1 non-penetrating anchor point, a safe and steady surface is provided for one worker per 10' walkboard.

One of the key advantages of the SSRA2 Roof Jacks is their adaptability to various roof pitches, allowing for level walking surfaces. With adjustable height feet, these roof jacks guarantee a stable platform on pitched roofs up to 12/12, eliminating the need for bulky walkboard brackets that are expensive and limited in their functionality. The SSRA2 Roof Jack Adapters expand the capabilities of the SSRA1 seam anchors, making them suitable for 6/12 to 12/12 roof pitches on approximately 95% of today's standing seam profiles. They can be easily paired with 2x10 lumber to provide a safe work surface for one worker per board.

In addition to their practicality, the SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks offer affordability without compromising on safety. As part of the SSRA1 component system, these roof jacks serve as a valuable investment for contractors servicing standing seam roofs, providing anchor points for tie-offs, walkboards, and horizontal lifeline attachments. This component system, including the SSRA1, SSRA2, and SSRA3 products, is the only one in the industry that offers such comprehensive functionality.

Maintenance of the SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks is hassle-free, ensuring long-lasting performance. It is recommended to inspect the adapters before each use to ensure their durability and provide peace of mind on every project. With their simple installation process, adaptability to various roof pitches, wide application across different seam profiles, affordability, and easy maintenance, the SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks are the go-to solution for creating a safe and level walking surface on standing seam roofs.

SSRA3 Anchor Plate Adapters

The SSRA3 Anchor Plate is the ideal solution for temporary horizontal lifeline attachment on standing seam roofs without the need for penetrations. This universal mounting plate is constructed from durable 6061-T6 aluminum and has been professionally tested to withstand over 10,000 lbs of force. Its versatility allows it to be used for mounting various equipment, including fall protection devices.

With its robust construction, the SSRA3 Anchor Plate provides a secure and reliable anchor point for your horizontal lifeline system. The plate is pre-drilled with four holes to accommodate the included Falltech 7414 D-Ring, which can be mounted vertically for standard anchoring or horizontally for horizontal lifeline attachment. This flexibility ensures that you can adapt the system to meet your specific safety requirements.

Standing Seam Roof Anchor SSRA3 Anchor Plates on standing seam metal roof.

Each SSRA3 Anchor Plate requires the use of two SSRA1 Standing Seam Roof Anchors for proper mounting, which are sold separately. The plate has an overall dimension of 12"x27" with an 11"x12" mounting area between the slide grooves. This design allows the SSRA3 Anchor Plate to fit all compatible standing seams ranging from 12" to 24" wide, providing a versatile solution that can be used on a wide range of roofs.

The SSRA3 Anchor Plate package includes everything you need for installation and attachment. It consists of the SSRA3 Anchor Plate itself, constructed from high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum, along with the necessary hardware such as Grade 8, 3/8-16x1" top bolts and flat washers for securing the plate to the SSRA1 Anchors. Additionally, it comes with the Falltech 7414 D-Ring, Grade 8 3/8-16x1.25" top bolts, locking flange nuts, and flat washers for securing the D-Ring to the SSRA3 Anchor Plate.

The SSRA3 Anchor Plate is designed to be reliable and low maintenance. To ensure its durability and performance, it is recommended to inspect the anchor plate before each use. This simple maintenance routine will provide you with peace of mind and guarantee the safety of your workers on every project.

SSRA3 Conclusion

The SSRA3 Anchor Plate is a game-changer in the realm of temporary horizontal lifeline attachment on standing seam roofs. With its sturdy construction, easy installation, and compatibility with a wide range of standing seam profiles, it offers a safe and versatile solution for your fall protection needs. Invest in the SSRA3 Anchor Plate and prioritize workplace safety without compromising the integrity of standing seam roofs.

The Standing Seam Roof Anchor component system gives contractors the power to rig different job based on the work that is required. Investing in equipment that is purpose-built to perform multiple tasks is the most cost-effective method of providing a safe working environment for the crew.


Innovation has paved the way for a new era of fall protection on standing seam roofs. The Roof Clamp RC and RCT, the Ridge Pro Steep Assist Device, and the Standing Seam Roof Anchor SSRA1 and Adapters have revolutionized safety, offering groundbreaking solutions that prioritize worker well-being while enhancing efficiency.

As you embark on your next project, take a moment to consider the type of equipment that best suits your needs. Are you ready to embrace new technology and bid farewell to outdated products? The choice is yours. Invest in the future of fall protection and experience the unparalleled safety and versatility offered by these innovative product lines. Together, let's create a safer and more efficient industry. Need help with your fall protection and rigging setups, call us at 863-703-4522 or visit