Fall Protection For Englert Standing Seam Panels

Fall Protection For Englert Standing Seam Panels

Posted by Howie Scarboro - CEO Fall Protection Distributors, LLC on Apr 22nd 2024

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Englert Over the Years

Englert has been a trusted provider of high-quality metal roofing and gutter systems for over five decades. Established in 1966 by Herb Englert, who ventured out of Crown Aluminum to launch his gutter enterprise, the company has always prioritized customer satisfaction. Embracing the "paying it forward" ethos, Englert has grown into a leader in metal roofs, gutters, and roll-forming machinery, earning numerous accolades for its outstanding offerings.

The company's unwavering dedication to excellence shines through in all its operations, from its workforce to its state-of-the-art products and services. Englert's standout products are their standing seam metal roofing systems in panel profiles, widths, and finishes to cater to diverse design preferences. Utilizing a paint line featuring 28 ULTRA ™ low gloss finishes that are both eco-friendly and Energy Star® compliant ensures a blend of aesthetics and sustainability.

Englert rigorously tests its metal roofing systems for quality and longevity while providing some of the industry's best warranties backed by unparalleled engineering expertise.

Specialized Fall Protection for Englert Roofing Systems

Englerts' standing seam panel systems require unique fall protection solutions. We offer insights on selecting fall protection products tailored to each system. By emphasizing the importance of roofing quality and safety, we aim to equip contractors, architects, and enthusiasts with the knowledge to make informed choices.

A1000 Metal Roof System

Englert A1000 panel profile     Englert A1000 profile drawing

The A1000 metal roof panel features a clip-and-fastener system with a seam height of 1.5 inches and is available in 24- and 26-gauge steel substrates. The narrow snap-lock system comes in panel widths ranging from 12 to 20 inches, and this panel requires a deck mounting surface. Depending on the finish type chosen, paint warranties span between 15 and 30 years.

When installing fall protection solutions for A1000 metal roof systems, it is crucial to utilize non-penetrating anchor points to ensure the factory warranties are intact. Various innovative fall protection products are designed specifically for Englerts' A1000 system use.

Fall Protection Solutions for A1100 Metal Roof Systems

A1100 panels have several fall protection options available.  For 24 gauge panels, workers can use the SSRA1 Seam Clamps for anchor points. You can add SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks to enable walk boards on these panels, and  SSRA3 Anchor Plates can deploy temporary horizontal lifelines. It's important to note that the SSRA1 Seam Anchors specifically requires a minimum of 24 gauge steel, which makes them incompatible with 26 gauge panels.

In such situations, the Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor can hook over the roof's ridge and establish an anchor point. This tool ensures that the worker remains fully secured from the ladder to the roof's peak until returning to the ladder. The Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor is fully compatible with all variations of the A1000 panel and all other substrate panel materials. 

A1100 Metal Roof System

Englert A1100 standing seam panel   Englert A1100 standing seam profile drawing

The A1100 metal roof panel features a snap-lock design with concealed clips and fasteners. Its seam height is 1.25", and the panel width is 16". It is available in 26 and 24-gauge steel and requires a deck surface for seamless mounting. Ensuring the durability of your A1100 metal roof system and safeguarding its factory warranties requires implementing penetrating fall protection solutions. Thankfully, various fall protection products tailored for the Englert A1100 prioritize worker safety and peace of mind.

Fall Protection Solutions for A1100 Metal Roof Systems

For A1100 panels, SSRA1 seam clamps serve as anchor points that provide dependable attachment solutions for workers . SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks also offer a platform for affixing walk boards to standing seam roofs, enabling movement and access during installation and maintenance activities.

SSRA3 Anchor Plates offer flexibility by allowing horizontal lifeline deployment, ensuring fall protection coverage across the entire roof surface.

It's worth mentioning that SSRA1 Seam Anchors require a minimum of 24 gauge steel, restricting compatibility to 24 gauge A1100 panels. However, the RidgePro Steep Assist Anchor presents an option for both 24 and 26-gauge versions of the A1100 panel.

The Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor hooks over the roof's ridge, creating an anchor point for workers. This anchor ensures excellent fall protection compatibility for all A1100 metal roof systems.

A1300/A1301 Metal Roof Systems

Englert A1300 standing seam panel  Englert A1300 panel profile drawing

The A1300/1301 Metal Roof Systems are perfect for applications such as fascias, walls, and soffits . Featuring a range of coatings and color choices, the A1300 architectural metal roof panel provides both flexibility and structural strength in 12" to 20" widths. Proper mechanical seaming is crucial to ensure the system is weatherproof and eligible for Englert's warranty.

Englerts Series A1300/A1301 systems have seams that are 1" to 1.5" tall, depending on the seaming method. The A1300 and A1301 profiles utilize concealed clips and fasteners that require mechanical seaming to meet Englerts' strict weatherproofing standards.

The A1300/A1301 panels are available in 24 and 26-gauge steel options and are intended to be installed over decking. Let's look at safety solutions for preventing falls that work well with A1300/A1301 metal roof systems, ensuring worker safety.

Fall Protection Solutions for A1100 Metal Roof Systems

Fall protection is crucial for maintaining worker safety and preserving the quality of your A1300/A1301 metal roof system to adhere to factory warranties . Luckily, several fall protection items are compatible with A1300/A1301 panels, offering peace of mind for workers and contractors alike.  SSRA1 Seam Clamps serve as anchor points for either panel type, offering secure attachment options for workers conducting tasks on the roof.

SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks for walk boards and the SSRA3 Anchor Plates for horizontal lifelines are adapter plates that mount on top of SSRA1 Seam Anchors. When selecting fall protection products, it's essential to consider their compatibility with the A1300/A1301 series panel gauge gauge.

SSRA products require a minimum of 24 gauge steel, limiting compatibility to the 24 gauge versions of the A1300/A1301 panels. However, the  RidgePro Steep Assist Anchor offers unmatched fall protection compatibility for all gauges and substrates of A1300/A1301 series metal roof systems.

A1500 Metal Roof Systems

Englert A1500 standing seam panel  Englert A1500 standing seam panel drawing

The A1500 series showcases a 1.5" snap lock system that embodies durability and aesthetic appeal. Crafted with precision, it integrates smoothly into any design, ensuring exceptional accuracy in seam transitions from roof to mansard, fascia, or soffit.

With a design that combines flexibility and structural strength, the A1500 panel system features an integral narrow seam snapping over a rigid interlock leg for robust weather protection and a visually appealing look. This versatility makes it a preferred choice for residential, light commercial, and industrial use.

The A1500 panels require at least a 3/12 slope and are available in 22, 24, and 26 gauge steel, with widths ranging from 12" to 24". Let's delve into the fall protection options that work well with A1500 metal roof systems; ensuring safety is a priority in all roofing projects.

Fall Protection Options for A1500 Metal Roof Systems

The SSRA1 Seam ClampsSSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks, and SSRA3 Anchor Plates are suitable for use with properly installed A1500 panels. It's essential to consider the compatibility of fall protection products with the gauge of the A1500 panel. The SSRA1 Seam Anchors require 24-gauge steel, which makes them compatible with 22 and 24-gauge A1500 panels. However, there is a solution for all gauges of the A1500 panel: the  RidgePro Steep Assist Anchor. Metal, aluminum, zinc, and asphalt shingle roofs are just a few substrates compatible with the Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor.

C1300/C1301/C2400 Curved Metal Roof System

  Englert C2400 curved Standing Seam Roof System

The C1300/C1301/C2400 curved metal roof system is designed explicitly for canopies and walkway covers. This system provides integrity with seam heights of 1 ½" and 12"-24" widths. It is compatible with various substrates and can be customized to meet project needs.

Fall Protection Solutions for C1300/C1301/C2400 Curved Metal Roof System

Due to their shape, workers should avoid using SSRA seam-mounted fall protection systems on curved roof structures . The Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor, which requires a roof pitch of 7/12 to 12/12, is also unsuitable for curved roofs. Depending on the project's needs, weighted carts, ballasts, or other non-invasive solutions may be required.

S2000, S2400, S2500 Metal Roof Systems

Englert S2000 standing seam panel  Englert S2000 metal panel profile drawing

These diverse panel options are best for medium and heavy-duty applications. These systems feature seam heights varying from 1.75" to 2" and widths from 12" to 24".

Applications of the system include;

S2000; duty for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes

S2400: Heavy-duty, ideal for commercial and industrial applications

S2500: Heavy-duty design for commercial and industrial usage

S2000, S2400, and S2500 panels are available in 22, 24, and 26 gauge steel options.

The S2000, S2400, and S2500 structural metal roof systems are known for their versatility with various substrates. They offer durability and design flexibility for projects in industrial and residential settings.

Fall Protection Options For S2000, S2400, and S2500 Metal Roof Systems

SSRA1 Seam Clamps are reliable single anchor points, and SSRA2 Adjustable Roof Jacks provide a platform for installing walkboards on standing seam roofs. Additionally, SSRA3 Anchor Plates allow temporary horizontal lifelines to protect workers as they move across the entire roof area.

It's essential to assess the compatibility of fall protection products with the gauge of the metal roof panels. While SSRA1 products work with 24—and 22-gauge steel panels, 26-gauge panels are not compatible with the SSRA products. An alternative solution for all gauges and substrates is the  RidgePro Steep Assist Anchor.

The RidgePro Steep Assist Anchor offers excellent fall protection compatibility across gauges and panel substrate materials in S2000, S2400, and S2500 metal roof systems.

S3000 T-Seam Metal Roof System

Englert S3000 T-Seam panel profile  Englert S-3000 T-seam panel profile drawing

Due to its robust design, the S3000 T Seam Metal Roof System is a durable choice for heavy-duty and commercial applications.

The S3000 features a 3-inch-tall T seam in 16" or 18" widths. Its tough and durable design guarantees lasting performance. These panels are available in 22-gauge or 24-gauge steel and various other substrates.

Fall Protection Options For S3000 T-Seam Metal Roof Systems

SSRA1 Seam ClampsSSRA2 Adjustable Roof JacksSSRA3 Anchor Plates, and Ridge Pro Steep Assist Anchor. All of these products are fully compatible with steel panels. Moreover, the Ridge Pro works well with asphalt, TPO, and metal materials.


Englert roof systems A1000, A1100, A1300, A1301, A1500, S2000, S2400, S2500, and S3000 require specialized fall protection anchorage to ensure worker safety. To reduce accident risks and adhere to safety regulations, effectively implementing fall protection solutions such as SSRA1 Seam Clamps,  SSRA2 Adjustable Roof JacksSSRA3 Anchor Plates, and Ridge Pro Steep Assist anchors are crucial.

For those looking to maintain the condition of their roof without causing damage, these solutions keep the worker safe without causing damage to the roof system.

Please contact us today if you'd like to discuss your fall protection needs. You can reach us by phone at 863 703 4522. Visit our website at www.StandingSeamRoofAnchor.com.  Images in this article are courtesy of Englert Inc.

Howie Scarboro, C.E.O. and co-founder of Fall Protection Distributors, L.L.C., recognized the need for continued improvements in roofing safety during the 2010 MetalCon show in Las Vegas. He joined forces with SnoBlox-Snojax, a leader in snow retention and seam clamping technology for metal roofs, to create the SSRA1 prototype. Tested by Gravitec for OSHA/ANSI certifications, the SSRA1 proved to be the industry's lightest, most robust, and most universal-fit anchor point for standing seam roofs. Fall Protection Distributors, L.L.C. was born in 2015, shaping the future of fall protection and instilling confidence in the industry.